What to expect when sanding and refinishing your floors. felt pads, doggie socks, Ebook – What to look for when buying a home with hardwood, How long does it take to refinish hardwood floors, Should you refinish the floors first or paint first – which is best, California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) Policy. Other forms of improving your floor appearance can be found at the page … Its so funny that you mention about waiting these long periods before furniture or dogs. Also, here in NY, most closets have hardwood, so they must be removed for the workers so they can properly do their job. And, of course the paint gouging is not the best..but that at least is easy to fix. Please note that this article may contain affiliate links. In addition, we do offer a “dustless” machine. While we can’t turn back the clock, we can certainly give your floors a brighter future. If your home is very old and you have boards going gray or black, this is a sign that you need to refinish and possibly replace some boards, sooner rather than later. We always put plastic around the areas not being done, and our machines are good at collecting a lot of the dust. You need to wait for area rugs until floors have cured. Nancy – Great question. Many of our customers tell us that they feel like they’ve moved into a whole new home and they feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Then, it may take anywhere from 2-5 days for the stain and coats of poly to be applied and dry. In addition, the walls may get scuffed up slightly as the sanders need to use the edgers to get to the ends of floors and occasionally, their elbows can brush up against the walls. Most of the people do not give enough time to dry their newly installed floor and it looses their great look very soon. rift and quarter sawn, select grade, No 1, No 2, cabin grade), age of floor and lighting. I very much appreciate the honesty about the cracks. We had tape on the baseboards during sanding and staining but it got all messed up so we will have to take it off and vacuum before refinishing. There are several methods of improving the appearance of older hardwood floors with complete refinishing being the number one choice. size of job), type of poly used, whether a stain is used, number of coats of poly, and humidity. Make sure almost all odor is gone and use fans more to speed up drying (after 24 hrs) and make sure humidity is low in the area. Thanks to our recent floor refinishing project, we've gotcha covered. What if you don’t need or want a full floor transformation? On the edges, it looks almost like it’s wet. The majority of jobs take 3-6 days, but as I said, this can vary. If you are lucky enough to live in one of Nashville’s many historic homes and you want to restore your floors to an original look, we can find an appropriate finish for you. Often, you can not see these until after the polyurethane is applied. You can read more about refinishing pine floors here – Can you refinish pine flooring? I thought it would be helpful to help customers understand what to expect when refinishing their floors – both the process and the end result. Also bear in mind that when new wood is used to repair damaged areas, these pieces will usually be lighter than the existing hardwood as they haven’t aged as much. These floors are naturally more red and goldish in tone, and the resins in these woods do not lend themselves well to a white washed looks. Filler often looks fake and does not absorb the stain or poly the same as real wood does. There is a more noticeable color difference in pines (including Douglas Fir) as these wood tend to darken even more than oak, and they have typically been in a house for a longer period of time. Keep moving. Oil based will take 30 days, water borne 2 weeks. Is it necessary to empty hanging clothes from closets? The more it cures, the stronger it becomes and I’ve been telling people that more and more. Michelle – Regarding time to move furniture back, it depends on poly. Further, wood expands and contracts throughout the seasons, so often, filler in wide gaps will start to pop out in around 6 months. At any rate, here are a few other things to expect when refinishing hardwood floors: Be prepared for A LOT of dirt and dust to cover every possible surface in your house. It def wouldn’t be acceptable in a body shop. FAQ: What To Expect Before, During, and After Hardwood Floor Refinishing If you’re interested in finding the best way to refinish hardwood floors, you’ve already started thinking about making one of the best possible investments into your home or loft’s value. Some of the responses I have gotten are; that the industry standard is some hair and dust is normal. That’s fine because they typically start out 3/4 of an inch thick, and refinishing requires sanding down 1/32 of an inch off the top. Read more here. 4 full days for oil based, 3 days for water borne. Ben – Thank you so much for your comment. They tend to settle later in the day (or next day) on the window ledges, base molding, chair rails and tops of doors as well as a bit on the wall. Below outlines a few items you may discover after the carpets are ripped up. It’s not hard to paint over the base boards if you get stain or poly on them. The floors look clean, fresh and smooth, and you even have the ability to change the color. The biggest danger in sanding your own floors is to stop moving and accidentally sand a hole/divot into your floor. Tisha – Cracks are normal and natural. What if your floors are just looking a little scuffed and scratched up? The contractor is planning on resetting on Monday and we were told we could move back in tomorrow (@36 he’s after final coat). When they’re well taken care of, they’re beautiful. Yes, I so agree…more time is better. The floors look clean, fresh and smooth, and you even have the ability to change the color. You might expect the flooring company to perform this task, but many hardwood flooring companies are not insured against damages to furniture or paintings or draperies. Those 4 days make a big difference. Whenever we put stain on the floor, we test the stain color for our customers (unless they can not be there and have given us direction on the color being used). Your dull or discolored floorboards will be taken down to the original wood, so any scratches, stains, and questionable color choices made in the past will be banished to the past. Well, there will be signs. It’s important to plan ahead on your timeline so that you are properly prepared. The reason for this is that the woods start out a different colors, they have different undertones (e.g. Also recognize that if you install new hardwood floors, and these have aged as much as the existing wood of the house, it may also come out slightly different. It's amazing the impact that refurbishing your floors can have. We are having our hardwood floors refinished next week. Thankfully, the dust comes off easily with a feather duster and/or swiffer-type dusters. I won’t even get into the fact that they masked nothing off and removed nothing from the closets except what was on the floors. And for many people, choosing an eco-friendly wax finish like Rubio Monocoat makes the most sense. For one, you can expect a fresh start and complete creative control. It’s amazing the impact that refurbishing your floors can have. Don’t worry about the math: most hardwood floors have six to eight refinishings in them, which means that they can last many generations if cared for properly. This process will … Discuss the specifics with your flooring contractor as things can vary pending on the scope of work. But transformation comes at a price: Refinishing can be costly, and you should also expect to evacuate the premises for a few days. Although we thought we might tackle the slate demo ourselves, Howdyshell quoted it for us and said their team could knock it all out in a day-ish AND that it would include removal/reinstallation of quarter round and plumbing fixtures (like our powder room toilet and sink). Refinishing hardwood basically smooths and finishes the wood that is there. You can’t ruin your floors too badly if you follow this one single rule. Dec 13, 2017 - What should you expect when you're getting your floors refinished? The quality of the job should not matter if it’s an insurance job or not. We also vacuum the floors between each coat. I would guess that 2 weeks would be okay. You can test the stain color on the different species to see which combo you prefer. Is it difficult to paint over the finish if it gets on baseboards?

what to expect when refinishing hardwood floors

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