Thats why steve at one point used evry string out there. Anders Osborne. It's who ever pays the most. What advice does he have for upcoming musicians? a day. Greg Koch overcome with pleasantness at the 9th fret while Toby Lee considers career choice – Maui Sugar Saloon, Tarzana CA 01/27/20. Like Adam, I first learned of Greg Koch from his instructional DVDs. Everyone is going to weigh in with advice, with critiques and with praise. Needs Review. Learn more. … ELECTRIC GUITAR. Behemoth. Needs Review. If you are not in the mood to play, just watch Greg’s video clips, and you will be back in the mood. Al Di Meola. Greg is a hero from days of old, when bluesmen wielded their axes in glorious battle with evil dragons, rescuing damsels in distress from scheming warlocks. T. Jaurnig Gristle King. If you haven’t heard of him, Greg is something of a guitar hero (and not the kind with a fake plastic controller, either). Steve dont buy strings. Eric Johnson. Maxon OD808 Overdrive. Add Greg Koch's Effects Pedals. Charlie Hunter. Reverend Guitars and Basses are made with Korina bodies, loaded with Reverend's custom pickups. I also play about 4 hrs. JAKE SHIMABUKURO. What kind of Effects Pedals does Greg Koch use? Greg's go to overdrive pedal. Andy Summers. As of 2017, the current reincarnation dubbed th... more. Bill Kelliher. If i buy a set of d'addarios, i will break one every day without fail (usually the e string). I need a set of strings that will last at least a month. Devin Townsend. According to Maxon's website, Koch uses the Maxon OD808 overdrive pedal. Brett Eldredge. Dave Matthews. Acle Kahney. Chris Stapleton . A D'Addario strings and accessories player since 2000. You can also check out Greg’s work on a CD included in the Stratocaster Chronicles Book. Learn more Shop for this. Learn more Shop for this. Aaron Marshall. He is an awesome player and it shows, but he does not “show” off. Andy Timmons. “Keep doing what you believe in. Brittany Howard. 6 string - Elixir Nanowebs - I mix and match 10-52 and 11-49 gauge sets in such a way as to take the plain strings from the 11-49 and wound strings from the 10-52 sets to get 11-52 gauged sets, and use what's left for 10-49 gauge sets, and choose depending on what I like on the guitar at any given time. A D'Addario strings and accessories player since 1996. learn more. Milwaukee, WI: home of beer, the Brewers, beer, insane weather, beer, and most recently, Greg Koch. more. Love his sense of humor also. But if i'm satriani i can use d'addarios and get my guitar tech to put a fresh set on everyday. The guitars feature a Boneite nut and Reverend's Bass Contour Control while the basses are stocked with Hipshot Ultralight Tuners and 5-piece maple and walnut neck – all for maximum performance.

what strings does greg koch use

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