This is an11 in one phone camera lens kit, which includes a starburst lens, circular polarized lens, kaleidoscope lens, 198 degrees fisheye lens, and a 20x macro lens. The telephoto lens compliments the primary camera in portrait mode to provide the bokeh effect. It also features a 2x zoom telephoto lens, 120 degrees wide-angle lens, and full-color lens in blue, green, orange, and red. Telephoto lenses also require faster shutter speeds to get sharp exposures. However, smartphones don’t have such types of movable lens. This means they need a lot more light to get good photos; using a long telephoto lens at night is almost impossible. So, how does this telephoto lens effect happen on a smartphone? Telephoto lenses are a great way to capture subjects and scenes that extend over a long distance. The tripod and remote shutter will come in handy, too. Wide lenses give you a broader field of view while telephoto lenses give you a narrow view. TELEPHOTO LENS VS WIDE-ANGLE LENS As the name suggests, a wide-angle lens allows the space for a wider perspective without you having to move back. Phones with prism or periscope-style telephoto lenses or even multiple zoom cameras advertising 5X optical zoom to 100x hybrid zoom are increasingly becoming popular. Optical zoom on phones is tricky but it is now a coveted smartphone feature. Here are the best options you may consider. I So, what is a telephoto lens? Well, what’s going on is a change in focal lengths, or effective focal lengths because your phone’s camera is different than a traditional camera.The higher focal length found in a telephoto lens means more zoom, and it’s optical zoom (the right kind). Telephoto lenses have a focal length of 50mm – 200mm. A lens is technically a telephoto if it has a focal length of at least 60mm. Telephoto Lenses for Mobile Phones The Darkroom. And in such smartphones, when the user zooms into the subject, the lens with higher focal length comes into action and captures telephoto images. They come in a number of focal lengths from medium telephoto (70-200mm) to super telephoto (longer than 300mm). The telephoto lens that comes with the Bostionye Universal (around $30) is certainly useful, but it’s the super-wide-angle, 198-degree fisheye and powerful macro lenses included with this set that make it so attractive. Even with a tripod, if you use a telephoto lens with a shutter speed lower than about 1/200th of a second you risk having camera shake in your images. Read on for a little information about what a telephoto lens is, and what you should look for.We then follow up with this years picks for the best telephoto lens for different budgets. A telephoto lens is a bit like a telescope – it magnifies the image. Astrophotography and sports work well with these large focal length lenses. So an additional lens is provided just for zooming in into the subject. Understanding Smartphone Camera Lens Types – The Differences Between Wide-Angle, Macro, Telephoto, Anamorphic and Fish-Eye Lenses 1 Comment / Guides , Gear , Lenses / By Joe Monk Understanding the capabilities and nuances of your smartphone camera lenses can be tough, but it’s necessary for growth as a mobile photographer.

what is telephoto lens in mobile

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