i don't have a lisp but i have friends who do. These letters tend to emerge with a "th" sound in someone with this condition; the word "cats," for example, would sound like "caths." Im 12. I always have to repeat myself because people don't understand a word I say! That will help you. And then I just write it down on a piece of paper.... Help? I got all the ladies and was respected by everyone, really. It is a nightmare which no one should ever go through. For those being bullied, just think like this: if that is the only thing they can say that’s bad about you, take it as a good thing. i have had it for a while but my parents are noticing it now. Your tongue should *not* be involved - it can be either up in the roof of your mouth or down on the floor of your mouth. I am constantly teased about it and considering the fact that Seth is my name. He or she has a lateral lisp. It sounds like everyone has a lisp now. I've had a lot of dental work done throughout my childhood and my teeth are perfect now, so I think if I lisp at all it's probably just from poor enunciation/bad habit. It comes out once in a while but who cares? And it could have easily been avoided if my parents had taken me to a certified speech pathologist as a young person. If people truly care about you they won't make fun of it. For example, you could use word pairs like ciento (one hundred) and siento (I sit) or cazar (to hunt) and casar (to marry) , or single words that have both sounds such as cesar (to cease) or superficie (surface). Just like in high school I'd always count to where i had to read and see how many S's were in the sentence. It stinks because I'm really talkative and energetic and love to debate with people but it's hard because i feel like such a idiot when i talk. I had a boyfriend when i was in 8th grade for 11 months and now he even makes fun of my voice. I have no medical problems. Unfortunately, my insurance company has politely informed me that I will have to jump through about two million hoops to be covered. I can see my lisp sometimes if I watch myself on video. Thanks for helping me understand. I even pronounce my 'r' as 'w', e.g., “red” sounds like “wed.” I’ve been bullied throughout my whole life because of it and it has taken a toll on my confidence. The girl from my insurance company was about as nice as possible. If she's really worried, go see a speech pathologist. I hate asking questions when the class is quiet because everyone stares at me. Yes, I was teased as a child, but I can tell you those who used to tease me actually said as young and older adults, when I confronted them about why they bugged me, said it was cute, and I can honestly say people say my lisp gives me character and you know what? then say to yourself that there are millions of peps in the world that have lisps and that a lisp will not change you, then socially kick yourself up. i guess i can't hear that i have a lisp but only one person asked if i had it. now im very self-conscious about what i say. i can barely hear but apparently everyone else can and i am constantly tormented at school from it. This will make the lisp worse. My “nerves” are at odds with my desires, and this battle overshadows the one between my speech and my thoughts. For some reason though it's like I'm in a world where it is totally natural. It's very small, and usually it's undetectable, but when I'm nervous and trying to talk fast it gets horrible, and then you can hear the sloshing sound. I’ve had a lisp for as long as I can remember, and at first it seemed hidden because no one picked it up, but as I got older it seemed to present itself more and more. and she said it sounded like it. Fantastic. Once you hit your mid-teens, this stuff does not go away. There is hope. At this time I had terrible bullying etc etc etc. Of course I would never oblige. :(. It's ruining my day-to-day life. First, Drew Barrymore has a lisp, and I adore her. my parents have never even said anything about it. It's with every word that has "Th," "s," or "z" in it. In another type, the palatal lisp, the tongue presses against the roof of the mouth when the patient makes sibilant sounds, causing the classic "th" sound. i used to go to speech therapy, but it didn't help so i quit in third grade. Perhaps, genetics are to blame. Yeah, but it was hard not to notice when her other sister Selena's lisp disappeared at about the same time. I hate it so much that I talk fast hoping people can't hear but they do. I am a speech pathologist so I know what I'm talking about. But it doesn't stop me. And, even at such a young age, I realized something was very, very wrong. and i was like, "um...no." Last year when i was in ninth grade i even went to a speech therapist again! My life sucks right now, in case you haven't noticed, and I can't even say my life sucks out loud because god knows nobody would be able to understand! and of course i had such bad cotton mouth which is the worst for my life. If one continues past this age, it can be a good idea to see a doctor. When I say the s letter I press the tip of my tongue to my upper teeth and it sounds like I'm spitting. i have going to speech therapy in school since kindergarten. :(. And she asked me how I was able to correct it. I have one really good best friend, but i am so nervous when i meet new people because i am always judged. I was politely blunt with her. What do i do? i am 20 and I have a lisp and am in college. Is there any chance you can grow out of it? Be thankful you don't have a stuttering problem, that is worse than a lisp. If you don't let people know it bothers you they will drop it and stop making fun. someone please help me. And I don't really like my voice. All three of them had lisps and Cindy was the worst off. Yeah, sure, wouldn't everyone love to get rid of their lisp? I really want to get rid of it. It's funny. My girlfriend thinks it's cute, so i deal with it, so my best advice for anybody out there is to have fun and it helps you pronounce every word correctly. A lateral lisp often sounds “wet” or “slushy” because you can hear the sounds of saliva. It's not that bad, i don't think. But i just cannot stand it. I get teased and made fun out of at school. I have a lisp and people sometimes think I'm rude because when I say 'she' it sounds like I'm saying he. I'd be like what? My stutter is moderate to severe. I'm sure my parents know but not one of them has done anything about it. I went to speech therapy but it didn’t help me at all. He asked me to repeat it twice! So my parents took me to a, "respected" orthodontist (not a speech pathologist), and he put braces on my perfectly straight teeth. I don't know what to do. And for the parents who are in denial that their child has a lisp, stutter, or whatever--and refuses to help them: Shame on you! 'respiration' will get broken out as respira-ton), but if I just blurt it out it's a mess. He has a long tongue and lisps a little (not differentiating between s and z). my mom had to spend 70 dollars a week and it didn't even help. Interdental lisp—occurs when the tongue protrudes between the front teeth and the /s/ or /z/ is pronounced like /th/. I'm so embarrassed! Your child will appreciate this more than you can imagine -- especially as they become adults. And with concentration, holding your tongue to the ridge on the roof of your mouth as the "s" or other troublesome sound is about to be formed and during should limit the sound. Now you have a lisp buddy!" I have had a lisp ever since I was born. Soon i will visit a SPL, but I'm happy i found this site. Therefore, a speech-language pathologist For those of you who are over the age of seven and still have a 'lisp': you need help. if I say the 'she sells...' tongue twister I stumble all over it the first time, and then can immediately say it two times fast, no problem the second time). I cannot say s, z, j, sh or ch.

what does a lisp sound like

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