But those are just my opinions off of what I've researched. in aquarium, please tell me best temp & ph for spawning i have a male & female synspilum Thanks . My 9" male Synspilum is quite a brute.. what i need? pertaining to the buying and possession of fish species. 4 Vieja Cichlids. Vieja synspilum growth rate requires several years to develop. Hello, I'm interested in purchasing a vieja argentea but before I do can someone tell me some information on them diet, h2o parameters, also tankmates. Nov 27, 2016 #2 You need a big tank--at LEAST a 125 gallon. thank you everyone Redhead cichlid. This robust representative of the subgenus Vieja can grow to 12 inches in length. F irehead cichlid. Expand signature. It is native to the basin of the Rio Usumacinta in southeastern Mexico and northern Guatemala and to coastal rivers in neighboring Belize. MFK Member. ie other cichlids. of fish and wildlife regarding regulations. I'd suggest something like a 5 foot 120 as a bare minimum for a female but if you get one of the larger males you'll probably be looking at a 180 minimum. Quetzal cichlid. ragin_cajun Silver Tier VIP. DOA Policy - Clear Pictures of dead fish. Sep 8, 2013 2,725 955 1,585 49 South Louisiana. I have my tank full of hiding places and he shares with much smaller Salvini, Jewel Cichlids, convicts and a large Firemouth. what i do? how to breeding vieja synspilum? the others are of the fish. Some can get quite large so a large tank is needed especially if you are going to keep multiples for life and have tank mates.

vieja synspilum tank mates

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