Dry beans are much cheaper, but also require more time to prepare. I keep all of my bread, wraps, English muffins, bagels, etc. Find out if you like them before you buy a larger package! Fruits and Vegetables - Buy in season and on sale produce, stock up on good deals and preserve any extras by freezing them. Pay attention to find out how many days prior to the Best Before date that items are marked down or put on clearance. Sign up for their newsletters to stay informed about sales events as well. Items that are awesome for buying generic are: Always check the flyers of all your nearby grocery stores online, and build your shopping list from there. This can be time consuming, but it can be really worth it. Don’t worry about eating some refined carbs if you can’t afford not to. Next, take a trip over to the frozen and refrigerated section. Chickpeas, kidney beans, and black beans are all versatile, healthy, and inexpensive. Sites like The Better Health Store and iHerb are great options for getting vegan products (especially personal care items, specialty snack foods, and supplements.) Again, though, don’t confuse “healthier” with “more vegan.” White bread is just as vegan as whole-grain bread; if you’re on a tight budget, don’t worry about refined carbs. One of the best parts of eating vegan is that you don't need to buy all of the fanciest ingredients or "super foods". Vegetable curries with rice and tofu, creamy or broth-based soups, vegetable stir-fries, sandwiches, veggie & bean chilies, pasta dishes, and salads are all examples of tasty and affordable vegan meals. Tofu is also very budget-friendly and is a fresh product. Sweet potatoes are a healthier option, but there’s nothing wrong with regular potatoes either. Vegans living in cities and rural areas with a smaller vegetarian/vegan community may find that vegan specialty foods and substitutes are more expensive. Costco memberships are around $50 Canadian for one year but you will save well over that amount if you're organized with your shopping. If you really want to pinch pennies, find a local Hispanic or Asian grocery store; there, you can usually find massive bags of rice for significantly less than you would pay at a chain supermarket. Frozen fruits can also be found here, and are very useful for smoothies. If you're into making smoothies, adding fruit to oatmeal, or baking with fruit, consider buying frozen fruit. With around 8g per cup, it rivals dairy milk in protein content. Buy in bulk if possible, and don’t feel pressured to buy organic, gluten-free, or any other specialty foods. In fact, vegan diets in particular are very accommodating to budget living and eating. Before purchasing a membership, try to find someone who already has one and go in with them, this will give you a good idea of whether or not it will be worth it for you. Asian stores will also have buckwheat noodles and ramen, which usually cook quicker than European-style pasta. Pasta, rice, and oats are all vegan, and can be bought in bulk for dirt-cheap. Make sure to read the ingredient lists carefully, but don’t worry if you accidentally buy a non-vegan loaf; it happens to the best of us. When it comes to canned goods, look for low-sodium options whenever possible. B12 can also be found in several fortified foods, like tofu and soy milk, if those are available to you. Avoid the sugar-laden flavored varieties, if you can. You'll find that building a budget grocery list is a breeze! You’ll probably want to pick out a milk replacement; the most common are almond and soy. If you happen to live somewhere where there are a few grocery stores to choose from that are located in the same area, I suggest shopping all of their sales. Grains - Rely on store-brands and economy sized bags/boxes of brown rice and whole wheat pasta. By being prepared and cooking for yourself you can easily save a lot of money. Like vegetables, they are flash frozen, so you’ll be getting the full nutritional value. Paying for a membership at a wholesaler such as Costco can be very worth it, even for a single person or small family you can still save a lot of money. vegan snacks (crackers, chips, protein bars, etc. Here is a Walmart grocery list with prices included. Continue to "Building a Healthy Vegan Grocery List" →, dried fruit, make sure they're not over-dried, and that the containers are close to air-tight. Note that “more expensive” is still quite affordable – you should be able to find canned beans at under $1 per can, before taxes. These long-lasting root vegetables are used in all sorts of dishes – onions add flavor, and potatoes are a healthy source of carbohydrates. Purchasing some items from the bulk sections can be a great way to save money, especially if you only need a small amount. Don’t worry about organic vs. non-organic if you’re on a budget. If money is tight, you can spread your spice purchases over a few weeks. If you often find yourself needing to pick up convenience foods, consider buying an insulated lunch box and making your own meals and snacks to take with you. Here, look for onions and potatoes. Find out when things are marked down, some places do markdowns in the evenings and you can pick them up before the store closes, and some put out their markdowns early in the morning so you'll want to try and get there right after the store opens. Make sure to take advantage of all of the tips mentioned above to guarantee that you're paying the lowest price possible. ELF (eyes lips face) is a fantastic option for vegan, cruelty free cosmetics and skin care products. Canned beans are more expensive, but are pre-cooked and are ready in under 20 minutes. Nuts & Seeds - Nuts and seeds can be purchased in bulk or packaged. Whole-grain breads are preferable to white breads, as they contain more fiber and iron. The dry goods section will also have beans, both dry and canned. Make sure to use them quickly, or freeze them (if appropriate.) Watch for sales and markdowns in the frozen aisle and stock up when you see fit. You can easily enjoy the benefits of eating healthy on a reasonable budget, it just requires a little extra planning and dedication. Like I mentioned earlier, wholesale memberships are great to save on items like nut butters, convenience foods (especially frozen), snack foods, vegan bars, and super foods like chia seeds and hemp hearts. An even more budget friendly option is to use a reusable grocery bag for a lunch bag. Luckily for vegans, most of the necessary staple items are cheap! Nuts and seeds freeze very well, so I suggest that you freeze most of what you won't use right away and keep a small amount at room temp for you to consume. ). Follow the tips above and stick to the healthy vegan staples like fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables, whole grains, beans and legumes, tofu, nuts and seeds. I often find that a lot of packaged vegan meat and cheese substitutes are similarly priced compared to their non-vegan counterparts of medium quality. Use this to compare prices between brands and different sizes of products. While this may sound like a lot, remember how long spices last and how versatile they are. Vegan Grocery List On A Budget. Vegan Shopping List On a Budget Cheap Vegan Shopping List. That's awesome! It is a misconception that nutrients are somehow lost during the freezing process. I make big orders from The Better Health Store every few months using their 15% off code. P.S. in my freezer and just take out what I need on a daily basis. Broccoli, cauliflower, peas, and corn are all commonly available in large frozen bags, usually for under $2 each. Both almond and soy milks are often fortified with vitamins and minerals, as well. Use our resource Building a Healthy Vegan Grocery List to help you put together a budget vegan grocery list. Its versatile flavor combines well with most spices, and it’s shelf-stable. Take a quick peak at the dates of items on the shelf, if something is out-dating in a few days and there's still a lot of stock left you can try coming back a couple of days later. I like to grocery shop every 5 days, this way I don't have to buy quite so much produce and risk any of it going bad. You’ll want to pick up some spices and oils in order to bring out the flavor of your food. Bread should be vegan, but many common supermarket brands actually contain whey, honey, or both. There are no significant health benefits of organic produce, and no health dangers of GMO products. Some of my favourite foodstuffs to pick up at Costco are: Even if you're on a budget it can be fun to try some of the fancier vegan items on the market! In general, organic foods tend to be more expensive. Utilize online options to take advantage of all sorts of great deals. To go on your bread, pick up a jar or two of peanut butter. Often times, the "cheaper" option can turn out to be more expensive by weight. If you’re worried about getting enough protein, soy milk is for you. Learn if your grocery store has a customer appreciation day, a lot of stores offer 10-15% off your entire purchase one day out of the month - it may be different depending on your location and store.

vegan on a budget shopping list

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