I used a bit of water to make up for the other 2.5 tbsp. Everyone could eat it, and everyone liked it! To keep this recipe gluten-free as written, use your favorite gluten-free pasta. Came out really good. xo. Thanks for the recipe! Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. The combo is perfect! Set aside. I couldn’t have asked for a better meal on a cold January night. One package of Trader Joe’s gnocchi was good for the half batch of sauce. I hope you & your family have a HOPPY HOLIDAY!! It’s super important to use unsweetened almond or soy milk. Hi! My daughter is allergic to almonds, would rice or coconut milk be a suitable replacement? Nevertheless, once I blended it up with the other ingredients the clumps came out and it was a nice consistency. Don’t use sweetened milk for this recipe even if it’s only lightly sweetened. I really don’t cook this much, but this recipe makes me feel like a chef! I was so surprised I cannot believe it is vegan. Thanks for the recipe. Never fails me. This one is definitely one of my dairy-free “classics”. I heard the unsweetned was awful, but that was just one persons opinion. I didn’t follow it exactly, I added onions. SO creamy and delicious :) I used the flour instead of arrowroot, canola oil instead of olive, and penne for my pasta. Drain and rinse the cashews, and set aside (photo 2). Even the non-vegans like me enjoyed it very much! You’ve done it again! We came across your website and started looking for Daniel Fast friendly recipes and came to this one and we made it tonight. Of course! I love how easy it is to mix up different flavors! Thanks for such an awesome recipe. Doubled the sauce and made one modification by adding Follow Your Heart vegan mozzarella shreds. Crazy good!!!!!! It sounded so tasty I had to give it a try. I used rice flour for the AP flour, I also doubled the sauce and added about 2T of Dairy Free Smart Balance in the end (I felt it needed a “buttery” feel to it). I’ve been vegan over 30 years, and I’ve really missed pasta alfredo. I didn’t have vegan parmesan so just added a bit of almond meal and more nutritional yeast and garlic powder. I used peas and sauted yellow squash. Plain almond milk adds creamy texture; vegan parmesan cheese and nutritional yeast pack in tons of cheesy flavor; and garlic powder, salt and pepper add depth and savoriness. Wow, this was amazing! It’s definitely not Italian in any way though, I am from Italy and we’ve never heard of it here! I have this fantasy of making an amazing vegan meal for nonvegans and having them shower me with praise about how delicious dinner was and then I say “HA! We have family members that allergic to almond milk. This is his favorite dish. I have a hard time with roux’s and as per my usual, it came out clumpy, but I stuck it in the blender and the clumps went away. Is there something I’m doing wrong? Where did I go wrong? It’s one of my favorites! It has a good slight spicy kick to it. One of my favorite recipes of all time! Thanks. I used canned fat of the coconut milk instead of the almond milk. My friends who eat a standard american diet tried it and said the same. If you haven’t yet tried Miracle Noodles (vegan, gluten-free, zero calories), I’d recommend as they are delicious, nutritious, and makes this a 15-minutes meal. Make sure to use all of the ingredients for the sauce. Alfredo was my all-time favorite meal before going vegan, and this is the only recipe that I’ve found so far that tastes as good, debatably better, than dairy Alfredo. I used two cloves of garlic for this recipe. I will try it. Thanks so much for the lovely review, Kai! Can’t wait to try this for fettuccine Alfredo! It’s the easiest and best tasting that I’ve tried so I continue to use it whenever the mood for alfredo sauce strikes. :D. Delish. I added steamed broccoli and some vegan chik’n strips to complete the dish. Hi Gina! My (recently vegan) boyfriend loved it, and we ate all of it all at once. In a house with a vegan, a healthy eater, eat anything n two kids under 4. I used vegan mozzarella because the store didn’t have vegan parmesan, but it still turned out great! Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? I’ve made it before and really liked it (with all purpose flour). Amazing recipes! Also pepper flakes, black pepper, and salt make it more flavorful. So yay!! Should I substitute it with something else? We are new vegans and have been trying about 3-4 recipes per week. We have yet to be disappointed! My husband loves Alfredo but I wanted to cut calories but not taste and this is just the ticket!

vegan alfredo sauce recipe

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