It definitely could have been though as the base had the least amount of protection. I would still highly recommend making sure that all of the hardware to assemble the frame is tight, otherwise the stability issues will only be increased. While there were a fair amount of screws to assemble the Bekant, they all went in without an issue. Your email address will not be published. The desk was made for those people who are looking for flexibility. A lot of people interested in the IKEA Bekant Standing Desk have concerns about the low rating. What is the Strongest Standing Desk Surface? Left to Right: The IKEA Bekant was the first desk that I have tested that you could feel wobble at the lowest height. After filling out the form on 4/25, I received the initial response from support on 4/27. The desk itself should be cleaned with a cloth that is wet with a solution that only contains a mild soap – it has been noted that harsh chemicals are not ideal for this particular table. Overall, I was less than impressed with my entire experience with the IKEA Bekant. Either way, it has created instability issues that don’t mix well with a desk that is designed to go to 48” tall. – Motors and Gears The electronics on the IKEA Bekant are some of the most unique that we’ve seen come through our labs. I was able to average 1.25” per second over 10 cycles with only the desktop attached. Luckily after disassembling the bad leg and replacing it with one of the new ones, the desk was finally functional. The legs, washer, housing, top rail, and the cross rail is made from steel, along with an epoxy and polyester powder coat. Launched in October, 2104, the Bekant was IKEA’s cheap alternative to many of the expensive standing desks available at that time. The foot design of the Bekant was nice, with a molded aluminum design. Who is and What is The Learning Center? I purchased the IKEA Bekant with the birch wood veneer surface in black. The glide system on the IKEA Bekant answered a lot of the stability questions I had with the product. Even with all of the fancy iDrive technology talk, the IKEA Bekant was underwhelming. On 4/29 I received a response again from customer service, stating that my request had been processed. Overall it was okay, but would have needed to be replaced if I planned to keep the desk. It was nice change from all of the other products I had tested that claimed to be the fastest or strongest. Required fields are marked *. Of course the policy isn’t perfect, if you don’t live close to an IKEA you will be out of luck. Older models of the IKEA Bekant Standing Desk had issues where the electronic height adjustment system stopped working after just a few uses. This was again attached with the fasteners so it went quickly. While the columns appeared to be heavy duty, the connection to the top had me concerned. The agent was able to push my issue along and provide a new claim number. 12 Reasons to Avoid Standing Desks Under $400. The use of cheap plastic fasteners created a fit that wasn’t secure. This enables us to run this website and provide you with valuable and accurate information for free, while saving you tons of time on research. Unfortunately, the large volume of sales has spawned a significant amount of bad reviews as well. When it comes to maintenance of the standing desk, it is important to frequently check the fastenings that were used in the assembly of the desk. The product has been rated  2/5 stars even on the official IKEA store, which leads many people to think that this is not the right option for them. At that point I could expect a phone call from a specialist within 2-3 business days to confirm the final decision. This was unacceptable in my opinion, but she said she would try to speed it up for me. The columns were heavy, with an average of 2.08mm of thickness throughout the three tubes. With this weight the speed would drop off significantly, going from 1.25” per second, down to .33” per second. After months of testing 20+ adjustable desks, the results are in! True. A variety of materials were used in the IKEA Bekant Standing Desk to offer quality, durability, sturdiness, and still ensure the product looks great in any environment. The Autonomous AI SmartDesk 2 and the Jarvis Desk had issues as early as 36”, which I thought was bad. It is really as simple as this to keep the surface of the IKEA Bekant Standing Desk clean and in pristine condition. The cheap fasteners used were only making the situation worse. This type of application is used for larger desks or conference tables. Spilled coffee can be easily cleaned up with wet cloth, and no marks will be left behind. I utilized a fastener that didn’t create the most secure connection. With IKEA’s exposure, the Bekant series grew in popularity very quickly. It has been something we’d like to take a closer look at as well. The top that I received did end up with damage to one of the sides. Because only one leg was not functional, I asked to find out if we could just get that part vs. the entire base. Our options selected: 47.25″ x 31.5″ Black-Brown/Black. I decided on option two. The desk had no problem lifting the 154 lbs. One very unique feature offered by the IKEA Bekant Standing Desk is the cable management system, built into the bottom side of the desk itself. The quality materials also provide for a sturdier desk that does not wobble or move around with the slightest touch. On 4/28 I received a response saying that they would either provide a credit, replace the entire base or allow me to return the complete unit. The Jarvis Standing Desk, 9 Most Common Problems with Motorized Standing Desks, 4 Reasons Standing Only Desks Are Bad For Your Health, VersaDesk Power Pro Desktop Converter (2020 Review / Rating / Pricing), BTOD Duke Vesa Sit Stand Desk Converter (2020 Review / Rating / Pricing), NewHeights Elegante XT Electric Standing Desk (Review / Rating / Pricing), 11 Best Standing Desk Converters for 2020. capacity on the Bekant, this wasn’t a big surprise. It is an electric standing desk manufactured by IKEA. At this point I was disappointed, but not surprised after seeing how the table was shipped to me. Seeing how thick the steel was, it was surprising how heavy the entire frame felt. I was excited to finally get to test the Ikea Bekant after waiting 13 working days to get it functional.

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