The term is in common use with two distinct meanings, the choice of which is influenced by the size and global reach of the organisation and the historical and geographic context. COO, CTO, etc.) Outside Sales Representative. Team members who report to the CEO directly or heads of their respective departments; not appropriate for company owners : Senior Vice President, Vice President, Assistant Vice President: SVP of Finance, Assistant VP of Human Resources: Team members who report to a Director or C-level (e.g. A quick glance through Linkedin can leave you scratching your head when trying to work out what people's job titles mean, especially if there is an IT or software element to to it. Der Kopf leitet ein bestimmtes Segment eines Geschäftsbereich – etwa das Customer Marketing – und hat Finanz- sowie Personalverantwortung. Possible job titles include Director of Inside Sales, Director of National Sales, Executive Vice President of Sales, or Sales Director. Treasurer-is responsible for handling the finances and company funds. Director-the director heads the division of the various managers. President-presides over the various departments and is member of the board. Superintendent The size and context of company matters here...but I think in all cases... Director of Marketing sounds superior in scope, responsibilities, etc. A wide range of nonprofits use the executive director title: churches, human services agencies, trade associations, governmental departments, and medical facilities. At typically don't waltz into a Director level title. Wenn es im Unternehmen plötzlich vier CEO’s, 25 Head of’s und drei Officer’s gibt, dafür aber nur fünf „normale“ Angestellte, wirkt das nach außen nicht nur lächerlich, sondern kann auch im Unternehmen dafür sorgen, dass sich Unzufriedenheit breitmacht – sowohl unter jenen mit Titel als auch unter jenen Mitarbeitern ohne. The term director is a title given to the senior management staff of businesses and other large organisations. 10. A director, manager and supervisor are all management roles that drive business goals. Die Position des Director ist oberhalb der Managementebene angesiedelt: Er verantwortet einen ganzen Geschäftsbereich, etwa das Marketing. Company secretary-reports to the board of directors and keeps the record of the board of the company. Manager. Director Vs Manager Vs Supervisor. than Marketing Director. An executive director can be the head of a large governmental system, the only manager of a church with an annual budget of $200,000, or the head of a medical facility with a $10 million budget and 150 employers. Heutzutage spielen Titel in Deutschland eine geringere Rolle ... Director. Head of.

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