... Popular Products. Staying safe has never been more important. Niton Tactical From: £74.95. Self Defense Products give you hard hitting leverage over an attacker. The ring’s design is clean, minimal, and can be worn everyday by moms, young professionals, joggers, and any woman seeking personal protection. SHOP EUROPE; SHOP MEXICO; CONTACT; Black Friday Sale. View Product. It is clear that with such an array of products in the offering, one can only be certain of the best in terms of quality. The Self-Defence range of products covers clothing, footwear, walkie-talkies, martial arts, performance gear, less lethal equipment and much more. 4 Review(s) Patrol Bag . Stun guns have been around since the 1980's and the technological advances of these devices has increased considerably. Box 463. Self-defense product reviews: quite a number of people would only buy products they have read reviews about, that is why doing product reviews would help you in selling your self defense products. P.O. 5 Review(s) Lightweight Ripstop EMS Trousers - Midnight Green. Our self defense and security products are great sellers and are always in-demand. Offer Available 11/26 - 11/30. We manufacture over 50 models and 7 brands and are a Master Distributor for Zap® stun guns. FS-14 GEN 2; Window Breakers; Stun Guns; Tactical Pens; Kubatons; SURVIVAL SUPPLIES; INTERNATIONAL. FastStrikeDefense@gmail.com. Polson, Montana 59860 (406) 813-0442 . BlueLine £44.94. With Safety Technology you have access to many, many non-lethal self defense products at the best wholesale prices…such as: Stun Guns – Safety Technology started with stun guns as it’s first product back in 1986. Your 15% Discount Code. In addition to these great products mentioned above, Defender Ring is a self defense ring developed for women who want protection but don’t want to sacrifice style and comfort. These defensive tools help you defend and protect yourself when you need it most. Gain the Advantage against an assailant by arming yourself with non lethal personal protection weapons. SELF DEFENSE PRODUCTS. These self-defense weapons are discreet, below $35, and proven to work. SHOP ALL FAST STRIKE PRODUCTS. Telephone: 323-208-6775. Here you go. Enter Code BLACKFRIDAY for 20% Off All Orders! A huge range of personal safety equipment including stab vests, protective clothing, self defence sprays and home security solutions. LA Self Defense Products 6221 West Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90043. 2 Review(s) Right Handed Patrol Vest - Black. You should look out for new self defense products that just entered the market, use them, and write down what your experiences were with such products. View Product. … Self-defense tools should be easy to carry and non-lethal. The public has become much more aware of the need for self defense and personal security making our products a great investment.

self defense products

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