‘The Rock’ and Salt & Straw create boozy holiday flavor for a cause, These are the weirdest holiday foods you can buy, Man suspected of burglarizing Aloha Baskin Robbins arrested. The long dry period runs from June to October. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and sign up for our email newsletters. Before it clears up, be ready for some patchy morning fog. In fact, the summers are pretty dry. UK govt says ‘The Crown’ should be clear, Hawaii seeks to be seen as a remote workplace with a view, Woman shot inside SE Portland home; suspect at large, PPB: Arson suspected after empty police car burns, Don’t Shoot PDX, Mother’s Bistro team up to feed the hungry, Business owners urge local focus for Small Business Saturday, Nurse flouts COVID health restrictions on social media, Christmas tree sales fund scholarships, after school programs, Man arrested after fiery car crash into power pole in SE Portland, Wife calls 911, husband shot, killed by police near Wilsonville. If we happen to have months where we bring in more than the average, we may surpass 50 percent. Unlike the western part of Southeast Asia, the eastern, Pacific coast of Southeast Asia experiences its rainy season in the winter. Zoom invite scam: Don’t click that phony ‘reactivate’ or ‘reschedule’ link! Here is an idea of your early morning hours and the visibility that may be limited. These are the top three wettest months around here. In the summer we tend to have high pressure moving northward and a tame jet stream, leading to mostly dry conditions. Oregon records 905th COVID death, 1,599 new cases, 2008 SE Portland homicide suspect extradited from Mexico, NYC to reopen schools, even as virus spread intensifies, Biden first U.S. presidential candidate to surpass 80M votes, Fauci: US may see ‘surge upon surge’ of virus in weeks ahead, Fact or fiction? Rainy definition: During a rainy day, season , or period it rains a lot . Rain is a kind of precipitation. PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Expect areas of dense fog to linger for the first half of the day today, possibly longer. We are starting 2020 well above normal. © 1998 - 2020 Nexstar Inc. | All Rights Reserved. If the fog gets stuck in the slow zone then it may be difficult to even reach a high of 40°! However, south of Portland it will be slow to clear in the valley. Precipitation is any kind of water that falls from clouds in the sky, like rain, hail, sleet and snow. To keep it plain and simple: an epic seasonal monsoon is only possible when there’s a significant difference in temperature between the ocean and the land. We will talk more about snow and the deep elements to our winter weather in a future weather kids segment. Think 2015 when we had over 15 inches in December. Low clouds will start the day for most, it should not last all day like Saturday. Illustration of drop, activity, raindrop - 139412033 We should try to enjoy ourselves as much as we can. The Melbourne office of the National Weather Service doesn’t set dates for the rainy season, but said the median date for Stuart to end its wet season is Oct. 23. If the fog clears enough in the afternoon in Portland we might achieve 46° for the day. Copyright 2020 Nexstar Inc. All rights reserved. A very important process to our overall water supply here in the PNW. Monsoons are generated when the position of the sun changes over time (in relation to the Earth’s equator – that’s pretty much it for our rainy weather description. Weather models are painting a gap over areas of Portland and the west edge of the Gorge. The whole environment is pleasant and attractive. Sanjay: That is true. That is the water vapor that is transported in our region as the strong wind from the noted jet stream is targeted in our region during the winter. Follow KOIN 6 for the latest news and weather. Rain is part of the water cycle. Ultimately, the winter season can really help a drought, or it may even hurt it. What's the record coldest max temperature for November 27th at PDX? The Rainy season runs between November and July with a break of a short dry period in January and February. Some places have frequent rain. The rainy season is only known in areas that have a tropical climate. However, some winters can be wet and gloomy. Knowing that we typically have our wettest days ahead, what could that mean for our snowpack? PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The weekend starts damp, foggy and ends mostly sunny by Sunday. The Rainy season runs between November and July with a break of a short dry period in January and February. It comes out to 16 inches of rain from the start of November to the end of January. Proper Signage – If employees are walking across warehouse areas where surfaces may have become slippery from the co… It leads to a more amplified and active environment compared to the summer. As of today, this is what it looks like. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. So, if the rainy weather is making you hungry for comfort food, keep an eye on the healthy and traditional dishes that you could be eating this season. It's likely the wind will be more calm to the south and the night sky will clear enough for those temps to drop to lead to fog. Well we all know that isn’t the truth. The sky looks really bright and clear. Design can be used by anyone in print and digital media at any time. It is measured by a rain gauge. That gives you options like the mountains or the coast. Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, and Copyrights. November is our rainiest month on average but the rain we get this morning may only amount to a tenth of an inch. We attribute the rain to the helping hand of the jet stream, Pacific Ocean, mountains and just our geographic location. Ultimately, the winter season can really help a drought, or it may even hurt it. That was three times the normal amount that we usually accumulate in the month of December! The health and well-being of employees and personnel are a top priority for most organizations, not only to prevent harm but to avoid liability and OSHA violations. The graphic below is an idea of the jet stream and the meandering that takes place in the fall and winter. Well let’s first start with some of the numbers for our most rainy months in Portland (climatic normal): In the period of three months, we bring in over 40 percent of our water. Models are putting rain over PDX early this morning. Other Monsoons. Hopefully we have a nice window of sunshine because clouds increase through the evening and late hours before our next system arrives. Rainy season or wet season is a season that has the characteristic of increasing rainfall in a region compared to the time usually in a certain period of time and permanently. That contrast leads to stronger wind and a result is the polar jet moving farther south. Apart from that, the season helps in replenishing the freshwater that revitalize the life on the planet. illustration of a rainy season flat. Atul: See, no matter what the weather, we will always complain. Download our FREE news and weather apps for iPhone, iPad and Android. You’ve heard of the atmospheric river? It happens to be relatively warm in the winter and it provides plenty of moisture for storms in the winter. PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) - Tuesday brings in the new month so we are on our last weekend of November. Maybe you have heard that before. The rainy season is only known in areas that have a tropical climate. Rainy Season or monsoon season is the four-month period from June to September in India when rainfall occurs due to the onset of southwest monsoon winds. The winter monsoon brings moist air from the South China Sea to areas like Indonesia and Malaysia. The rain season brings mountain snow because of the cold air aloft and that leads to water. Fog likely the thickest in the southern or central Willamette Valley. Sometimes after the rain, we can see a rainbow the beautiful combinations of seven colours. If you're traveling this morning, just be ready for some patchy fog where visibility may be an issue. The Science Behind Rainy Season To keep it plain and simple: an epic seasonal monsoon is only possible when there’s a significant difference in temperature between the ocean and the land. Atul: Yes, but it’s fun to stroll in the rains with an umbrella on the weekends. Clouds around Portland may be enough to prevent the temperatures from cooling as much as those to the south leading to less fog. If you’re not from the Pacific Northwest (PNW), you may not know about the rumor that it ALWAYS rains in Portland.

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