I left the purple shampoo in my hair for more than an hour. Omg i just used this shampoo three times. Then i waited a week and used it tonight. Left it on for 5 mins as instructed and ohmuhgosh. https://getgoodhead.com/purple-shampoo-every-question-answered I have a purple tint on the front left side of my hair. Like a lot of blonde haired ladies, when my hair is looking slightly brassy, I use a purple shampoo to freshen up my locks and keep those orange tones at bay. I have bleached blonde hair that I have used a toner on to get a great shade of light, wheat blonde - no yellow! Since at that moment, the director of the school entered, I couldn’t explain more, but what the meeting was over, we went to get a cup of coffee, … Apply the clarifying shampoo to your hair just like regular shampoo… I recently bought human hair extensions from Sally (the clip-in kind) and the closest to my color is a bit yellow. I tried using Clairol Shimmering Lights shampoo (which I use on my natural hair once a week to maintain the light blonde color) but it turned the extensions purple! Ita not like super obvious but wth i dont want purple hair. Again after using a box dye on it about 2 days later. If the purple residue in your hair is pretty light, a clarifying shampoo may do the trick! Once after bleaching my hair. In the past 10 years that i've been bleach blonde, I've tried many a toner on my hair. Shampoo your hair with a clarifying shampoo to remove minor staining. Ugh.

purple shampoo turned my hair purple

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