Health teaching should be related to the interests of the people; Health programme should be based on the “FELT NEEDS”, so that it becomes “people’s programme health education. Concepts, principles and terms are defined and described to reduce confusion. To provide a state-of-the-art, conceptual framework for health education majors who seek careers in health education and to provide other health science and health-related majors, who will be using health education practices, to gain clear, succinct principles regarding the fields of health education, health promotion, and disease prevention. Chapters - 1 and 2 present the definitions and various perspectives of health and public health and discusses the determinants of health. The Principles for Health and Wellbeing 3 Principle 1 – Maximise access and inclusion Quality universal services for all, with extra effort directed to ensuring education and health and wellbeing services are accessible to, and inclusive of, the most vulnerable and disadvantaged. Health education is a teaching process through which information is disseminated so that people can acquire knowledge on hlth. This material is presented in ten chapters. They will then change their attitude, bea ehave in a manner and adopt a lifestyle conducive to health, so as to enhance their quality of living to achieve physical and mental well-being. Good health education must be consistent and compatible with scientific knowledge and also with the local culture, educational system and social goals; Interest . Health Education . Health Details: The health field establishes an inclusion about all of the factors that affect the health, on top of the health care system.For that, there is a framework which has been developed for this regard and it is known as the field of health concept (Cornell, Garvin & McÁrthur, 2014). THE PRINCIPLES AND CONCEPTS BEHIND HEALTH EDUCATION. Principle 2 – Focus on outcomes

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