Dr. Shannon MacVean-Brown, Bishop of Vermont. Using the Post Office; Conversation at the Bank; Travel by Taxi/Rent a Car; Staying in a Hotel; Getting Change, Lending and Borrowing Money; Shopping; Shopping 2 April 2012 (9) May 2012 (1) July 2012 (1) August 2012 (1) September 2012 (4) October 2012 (5) Debbie was telling a story that included New Rochelle, a town just north of New York City. Soyez le premier à lancer une conversation ou une question sur ce livre dans les messages de ce groupe Les Dernières Actualités Voir plus. Downloads. English Conversation Practice - At the Post Office LISTEN TO THE CONVERSATION Practice Speaking - Select a Conversation Partner. Mentioning the congregation in New Rochelle provided an opening to graze over the territory of faith, religion and church.