Once the shroud is in-place, you can attach the finderscope to its dovetail mount. When fully assembled, the weight of the entire telescope and mount is nearly 120 lbs, which is about 40 lbs heavier than the 12 inch Meade Lightbridge but only eight pounds lighter than the 16 inch Lightbridge. The Orion SkyQuest xx14i is an incredible telescope. In any case, this color may make me somewhat less likely to use the Intelliscope in the future when my full dark adaptation needs to be maintained. B (focal point a little low in the focuser, secondary mounted too far off-center). The complete optical tube assembly is about 61 inches long, a bit over 16 inches in diameter, and weighs in at just over 70 lbs. If Orion had allowed the back lighting to be shut off, I could have at least used a dim red flashlight to operate the unit, but it was not to be. The focuser is a fairly nice 2” dual-speed focuser that has a focusing range of from 3 inches to 4.5 inches above the surface of the tube. Once back in California, they reported an interferometry test which indicated a 1/3.4 wave p-v figure, a 1/17th wave RMS, and they said that the mirror “is within our expected (and advertised) quality”. With the XX14i, the only thing I would be losing over my Go-To NexStar 9.25 GPS SCT would be tracking, as the Orion Intelliscope could still fill-in as a finding unit with me doing the manual labor instead of electric motors. Orion SkyQuest XX16g Dobsonian review. And now, a message of caution. While the assembled telescope is pretty heavy, it breaks down into a number of smaller easier to manage segments for transport. Now, Orion has thrown its hat into the ring with its new SkyQuest XXi line of 12 inch and larger truss-tube Dobsonians. : The XX14i required considerable initial assembly work to get it ready for regular use, but fortunately, you have to do most of this only one time. The completed mount has captive bolts with knobs, allowing the azimuth disk and ground board to be disconnected from the rest of the mount. However, the plain and simple fact is that the primary mirror I received in my XX14i was worse than the Rayleigh limit of one quarter wave p-v. Overall the telescope is quick & easy to set up (about 15 min) and great fun to use. M31 was a whole new galaxy with loads of light and dark detail that I had previously noted only in photographs. B+ (3-second damping time, nice wide base). Orion's optional rather “stretchy” shroud (a big elastic black thing) is a bit on the pricey side ($80), but it works fairly well. They were tight enough that they scored the metal on the top of the secondary mounting housing, so some over-anxious factory worker obviously had eaten their Wheaties that morning! Indeed, this stiffness is a help under windy conditions, as the scope stays put somewhat better than other Dobs that have smoother or looser azimuth movement. There is also an RS-232 port on the top of the hand unit for interfacing to a computer (RS-232 cable is not provided). Indeed, for a while, I was unsure whether it was actually real wood, as it has a similar density and strength. This portion is 16.5 inches across, 8.25 inches high, and contains the focuser, finder scope mount, spider, and secondary mirror. : This consists of a can-like portion made of rolled thin steel sheeting between ring-like heavy duty aluminum end castings. I would have liked a few extra spares for some of the screws and washers, but everything needed was present in the boxes. During one test, we had a transit of Io on Jupiter, and I watched eagerly as Io's little yellowish disk remained visible as it crossed onto the planet, followed by the “huge” black spot of its shadow taking a bite out of Jupiter's limb. In my case, I would have to call what I got “mediocre”. Open-faced Altazimuth with friction bearings. The primary was fairly easy to align, although again, the secondary offset made this a bit of a “by guess and by gosh” sort of thing. It was a bit of a headache to install all eight screws to connect the primary mirror cell to the lower OTA (why not just six screws?? There was an addendum in the little Intelliscope box that had some changes over what was in the manual, and there was a small white nylon spacing bushing for the altitude encoder that got temporarily lost (the encoder won't work without it and it isn't captive), so that gave us a few headaches when we tried to test the Intelliscope. We used an Astrosystems “Light Pipe” and got down to business. There are three spring-loaded collimation screws with large metal knobs and separate locking screws around the outer portions of the mirror. B+ (nice finish, all hardware went in correctly, good instructions). I could generally set the XX14i up in about ten to 15 minutes depending on how many trips I had to make back into the house, as I kept it mostly torn down into its major components for transport.

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