She applied the No. After a couple of hours of Olaplex No 1 doing it's thing with my bonds, I whipped off the shower cap and got ready to apply Olaplex No 2. Skin Very Oily, Fair. Yes this is how bad my hair looked before Olaplex. The directions said to get your hair wet and apply the olaplex on slightly towel dried hair. Your hair will be towel-dried and then Olaplex No. KateLausanne. 2 Perfector right on top and let them sit long enough to penetrate into my hair. Advertisement. 1, then rinse it out (using no shampoo) after the allotted amount of time. 2 years ago. That was before Olaplex hit the scene. I followed the directions on the bottle. She then applied the No. It had no life and probably had no idea gravity existed… It would just stick right up into whatever direction I pointed it at. The process. 2 treatment works best if you are getting your hair colored at the same time, or if you have particularly damaged hair. My stylist used Olaplex as a treatment prior to my color service. Olaplex no 1 and 2 can be used with all hair colours – meaning that next time you are visiting your hairdresser to get your hair colour done (it doesn’t matter what colour you are going for) you must ask for olaplex treatment. In combination with Aphogee 2-step Protein treatment and GOSH... About reviewer . from . 2, is done in-salon as well and is needed to complete the coloring process. 5.0. This is the at-home version of Olaplex 2 and is designed to be used once a week before shampoo and conditioner. Hair Blond. ... "Numbers 1, 2, and 3 all rebuild those bonds." I bought the stylist's Olaplex kit, consisting of Olaplex 1, 2 & 3, to salvage my hair, that was damaged by a full bleach treatment. Simply apply a generous amount of No 2 on to the hair and massage it in. The biggest issue with Olaplex is that No 1 and No 2 are salon treatments, and they're a bit iffy about selling it to people who are not 'trained' in how to use it. No. However, bringing Olaplex No 1 and No 2 into the toning routine leaves my hair still firmly intact with much less breakage than you may anticipate. That mixture is left to develop with the colour. Very stiff, dry, and brittle. Created with Sketch. After she rinsed it all out, she lightly blow dried my hair follow by … Olaplex nr 1 is mixed with a hair die and then applied to your hair. Your stylist will dye your hair using the hair dye that contains Olaplex No. The Olaplex No. Age 30-35. We're going to apply Olaplex No 2 right on top of Olaplex No 1, so there's no need to rinse anything off just yet. Eyes Gray. 1 Bond Multiplier on my hair, letting it sit for 5 minutes.

olaplex 1 and 2 before and after

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