Traditional oil-based polyurethane is flexible, capable of standing up to normal wood movement and providing a warm glow to wood floors. Best Hardwood Floor … You’ve weighed the pros and cons of hardwood, and you’ve decided that you need some beautiful wood floors—but not just any types of wood flooring will do. The most durable hardwood flooring is bamboo. It’s a widely-available, durable material, which keeps prices down. April 13, 2020. The manufacturing process makes it harder than most common species. One of the most durable hardwood floor finishes available, moisture-cured urethane finishes are extremely effective in frequently used areas like kitchens, entryways, and hallways. It is cost-friendly per application. It is a finish that is easy-to-clean, making it a great choice for any homes with pets or children. It dries easily via evaporation and has less odor than other refinishing choices. Two types of floor finishes are typical of hardwood. Most Durable Hardwood Flooring. The coating will make all the difference when it comes to avoiding scratches and dents and making every hardwood floor more durable. The finish can make all the difference as far as resisting scratches and dents and adding durability to any hardwood floor. You need the most durable wood flooring around. Hardwood floor finishes comes in various types that include the following: 1. Best Value Wood Flooring. Hardwood Finish #3: Acid-Cured (Swedish) Often considered the Lamborghini of floor finishes, acid cured finishes are a professional-only floor polish. Because the finish is extremely quick to dry, it is not recommended for DIY projects. Water-Based Urethane. Finish Matters. So – which hardwood floor finish is the most durable and the best choice for your home? It’s important to choose the right species of floor so be sure to do your research and look at what solid floor species last the longest. Choosing a durable finish can be the key to making sure your floors don’t need to be replaced. The best value wood flooring is oak. Maybe you have kids; maybe you have overactive animals; maybe they’re one and the same (if so, we sympathize). Water-based urethane has a lot of advantages. Pro Tip: The first and foremost layer of protection for your hardwood floor is your floor finish. Water-based polyurethanes made with synthetic resins and plasticizers, is the most popular surface finish for hardwood flooring in United States because it provide a clear finish and a good feel. Water-Based Polyurethane. Traditional oil-based polyurethane is flexible, able to withstand the normal movement of wood, and it provides a warm glow to wood flooring. While they are supposed to be one of the hardiest floor finishes, they are also the most expensive, running between $3.75 to $5 per square foot. Two types typify hardwood floor finishes.

most durable hardwood floor finish

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