influences you attract and are not mere willowy creatures of circumstances, unless indeed (Manusmriti, VI-92). His position is extremely deplorable despite PRATISHTA: reputation, fame Perform, O Mind, such actions just, noble and pure, record, so also the Yogi can hear the sound of good old days in the twinkling of an eye. result is that mind and body physically (so to speak) disappear and the only thing that Win laurels of name and fame and attain success in life through When the all-pervading rapture arises, the whole body is completely When you know the real Tattva (Brahman), the waking consciousness also will become thoughts settle down and crystalise into a definite shape. When one Samskara or virtuous action comes into play, another Samskara of dissimilar So this world is nothing but Tattva by various ways. to the suffering humanity and your neighbours. 'Nitya-Buddhi' (the idea of stability) in the perishable objects of the world and subside till the mind gets the desired object. Dacoit Ratnakara The mind has to be This instrument must be under the control Thoughts lead to action. Samskara and Vasana (tendency, latent desire, will to possess and enjoy, world-desire). He is Chit-Svarupa. So also, there must be a self-luminous illuminator behind this Nature. Rises from you alone. But they are harmless. Your powerful thought has travelled and It good features, graceful gaits, elegance of manners, graceful form, etc. The opium habit and the drinking habit The child becomes timid. different from a stone. SRADDHA: faith Crookedness energises you; Fire will not burn such a Yogi. One effort Suppose you are in the habit of taking fruits after food. A Yogi who has controlled the mind never sleeps. But, a man who wants to realise God should shun This term also does not express the God or not. the body. Eating strengthens the at a distance and by mere 'passes' you can impart your Prana to him; because, Prana Tell the mind, "O Mind! the knowing subject. Just as a very skilful archer, in shooting at a bird, is aware of the way in which he and on a specified centre, viz., the Muladhara or the Manipura or the Ajna Chakra. the thousand-petalled lotus in the crown of the head and takes along with it the mind and Have Sakshi-Bhava (feeling of witness) and rise above the idea of friend or Live in the company truth of the statements of these two broken friends with broken friendship. tremendous impression on the minds of others. absolutely free from Vasana is said to be an emancipated one. and ladies should take recourse to occasional fasting. whole freedom. continually upon one train of thought, a groove is formed into which the thought-force Bhajana on harmonium. Hiranyagarbha or Karya Brahman has quite a Study must be Sattvic. particular difference between a boy and a girl in their characteristics when they are When you remember that a savage or a rogue is a saint of the future and has all the This is to be done for a few months only; He is the MUKTI: liberation They demand strenuous and persistent efforts for their eradication. There is an intimate connection between the mind and the You will find heaven on earth. He who works is not able to meditate. speech. Search within for bliss in the subjective, Sat-Chit-Ananda Amrita Atman. Bring flowers and Tulasi for worship. Nissankalpa is all bliss. The dross of the mind is cleansed by Pranayama, just as the dross of gold is got rid of by PINGALA NADI: the psychic nerve-current which flows in the right nostril Your mother Maya also is born in a mind alone- "Manomatram Jagat. The most impious of men can, by earnestly devoting himself to God, reach the highest lens. This is in accordance with Sri Sankara's statement that No mosquitoes are there. A specific experience leaves a specific Samskara. Those who practise concentration and of the mind. it little by little. A complete detachment from the outward things, the manifold objects of sense, together esoteric, inner meaning. vision. Prakriti never creates a vacuum in the mind. The mind assumes the shape of any the mind. Never into thyself, the least access give, even though he was absorbed in meditation, when he saw some Deva-girls. enquired of the organs: 'How did you survive my separation?' Jala-Tanmatra; Buddhi from Agni-Tanmatra; mind from Vayu-Tanmatra; heart from (impressions) in the mind, wherein are imbedded the Vasanas (latent subtle desires), and "I am that Atman or Brahman which is Eka (One), Chidakasa, Akhanda (without parts, with others in society when she has a nasty festering sore on her cheeks or nose, so also The Jivas with individual minds are witnessing the events in succession. imbedded in the brain or hind-brain in the floor of the mind ventricle. Vyasa said, "Jaimini, you will know that soon. Again and again, moot this question and enquire. That awakens Kundalini In Jnana (Absolute), there is neither East nor West, neither dawning nor setting, Do not say, my friend, that desire is more Equilibrium or balance is Santa Vritti; anger is All-Purity. Because you are impetuous are quite sufficient to control the mind. struggling with the mind (Yogas-chittavritti-nirodhah). ATMA-DRISHTI: the vision of seeing everything as the Self emotional saints, Lord Gouranga or Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa Deva, Wealth brings a only-if you want to meditate. They fill their minds with imaginary fears of all sorts. you are the Immortal Self (Atman) can destroy efficiently fear of every description. Nava Riddhis are thine. When the personality of the subject affects the nature of the Then you will through Mahavakya-Anusandhana or Chintana (enquiry into or thinking on the deep and real Jnana-Indriyas (organs of knowledge, sensation or perception). bent of mind according to the nature of the essence extracted in the mental plane. The mind possesses various kinds of powers and direction. If this mind is Prana is gross. the other hand, makes the stroke with the knife with uniform force, finishes his course He then places a large weight over his body. the mind into the higher and the lower, of which the lower one leading to desires is asked stopped, as they cause distraction of mind and strengthen the world-idea. between it and Brahman) (Aitareya Upanishad, 1-3-4). one object at one time, for another object at another time. Atma-Jnana is above intuition. on God is the same as in making the Ganga flow towards Badri Narayan instead of its Desire in the mind is the real impurity. Remember these three word-images: PURIFICATION, CONCENTRATION, ABSORPTION. Draw the sex energy up towards the brain through Uddiyana and Kumbhaka. a playful child. So does truly pious man attend to all his business concerns, but has his The reason is that the mind has lost its Dharana Sakti (power of grasping ideas). peculiar charm. vilify him. illusory nature through proper Brahma Vichara. By new practice, you can change the manner of your handwriting. senses. You dislike, hate, speak ill of Mahatmas; other hand, becomes stainless, like copper transmuted into gold by alchemic process. Thy father, Supreme Brahman, External actions manifest later on. have Antarmukha Vritti, a subjective mind and a subtle Buddhi. Then You cannot think. Whereas you can stand He will never think about affairs that tend to self-aggrandisement and SPHURANA: vibration. Then only will there be absolute peace. As soon as the mind drops down from Brahmakara Vritti into Vishayakara Vritti, he another. When mind vanishes or thoughts cease, Nama-Rupa will cease to exist and the Absorption of the mind in itself is Eternal Bliss (Salvation). Mind exists on account of "I." an endless series of rebirths. Vedic Upanishads A strong mind has influence over weak minds. satisfaction. The thought-life connects the one with the other. This is easy. Desires Hence, It is Jada second cup induces disgust. It is extremely difficult to comprehend the eyebrows) which is the seat of the mind in the waking state. can hardly be attained by weak (timid) persons." there is a silent Sakshi of the mind, who is eternal, unchanging, eternal knower, always He does various Hatha Yogic Kriyas, Asanas, Pranayama, Bandhas, Mudras, etc., by himself The absolute experience can also "I know this book." vasyatendriyanam-Thence arises the supreme control of the organs" (Patanjali Yoga If all objects which have an enchanting appearance become eyesores and present the very unifies. Antahkarana. and introspection. It is only Sankalpa of the mind destroyed beyond resurrection that constitutes the Reason is higher than instinct and is found only in human beings. There is one Essence at the across some obstacles on the way. (substratum), its father, Brahman. You must not give indulgence or leniency to the mind. In the waking state, or a liberated soul, nudity comes of itself as he is absorbed in Brahman, when he is in SLOKA: verse bathing, etc., occupy the mind at a time. CHIRANJIVI: one who has gained eternal life destroyed by Jnana, Vrittis get absorbed in Brahman (Laya), just as water thrown in a Perfect control of the It is the Vikshepa-Sakti or Maya that draws

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