But there are things that men can do that women can't. They should not be looked down upon and instead be treated equally. So lets take a pledge to respect women and say no to discrimination, Men and women should be equal in the twenty first century because this is the century where the strength of intelligence is greater than the physical strength.Along time ago, the majority of people believed that men should work harder than women because they are responsible financially to feed and support their families. The physical differences are so overt that you could not mistake a woman for a man, and the mental differences are well documented. Society would answer this question by saying, "No, men and women are not equal," but I have a different opinion on this matter. In the very nature women are deceptive and parasitic. Don't. Even men and women are jealous of each other for some of the benefits the other can't have. Id say leave it as it is. The origins of humanity are clear, and women weren't fighter or builders, but rather mothers and gatherers. Women have a different bone and muscle structure making them more fit for certain tasks. And yes, I am a woman. Women also take an average of 1. It has shown in military training were women are not able to do the physically demanding things that men can. They hold women to too high of a standard because of what they see on the computer or television screen. Being different doesn't make us unequal. In fact, I think women are superior to men. We're talking about being treated equally and having the same rights. Even though men get paid more than women for some companies does not mean that they are not equal because that's not all companies. Men are superior to women in every single category - science, Engineering, Medicine, Space exploration and so on. Men are the head of the family, but women are the neck! Things such as the wage gap, sexual assault, and military/police are all parts of the argument but men and women are different. Nature and biology are not fair, no matter how much we want them to be.Every man has somewhere inside him an urge to pick up a heavy stick and beat up other men. Women need to grow up and accept that if they're failing gin life, its most likely their own fault. Men also put themselves in the first class leaving women out. Men and women are equal in a natural sense, meaning that they both contribute to the continuation of the species and deserve the same rights and liberties. We are not talking about DNA equal. When it comes down to it, we are all humans and not one gender is greater than the other. Why does this world cater so much to a man's desires? Some are obvious, like men being stronger and bigger on average, and others are less obvious like the ways we think and feel.Of course, having differences doesn't make us totally different. Sometimes men are seen as a threat and executed on the spot! Women aren't really being held back anymore their basically equal to men now, Through out centuries they've slowly gotten their rights and now they just want more and more? Teenage girls and women feel the need to be "perfect" in order draw their man's eyes and attention away from the half naked models, actresses, etc. By using this site, you agree to our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use. Women are equal to men as far as how they should be treated, they should have the same rights and liberties as men. The same is true when dealing with ethnicity and gender. I think that the majority of people at least in university or younger, perhaps over 95%, have no rejection to equal treatment. No person deserves to have a lesser status because of their gender, which is not a … Being a women myself, it is so sick when some stupid guy says I am less then a men. Gender being irrelevant is not the same as both genders being "equal", a distinction that needs to be made in order to avoid people attacking gender differences. We may have different features but that is to tell a women apart from men. Think it is even possible.Anyways,one person in the "yes"section said 5they have one difference,how they look,also depending on their DNA.So that person is supporting the wrong side.N9body can be the same.Another thing that also supports my reasoning is that if everybody was the same (including DNA)life would be wierd.Like everybody acting,doing,and talking the same thing.That would be life if men and women were not different.God has created us to be a leader,not one who stands where everyone is the same. Parental leave. For man and woman to be complete, they must each possess both energies.The answer is not for men and women to try to be alike. It is still a man's world. It is coded in them to fight off other males and be attracted to every fertile women to a greater extent than women are attracted to males. In some animals like Hyenas, Females dominate; and in some animals like humans and gorillas, Males dominate. The nature of a woman, while subtle, is not weak. Men treat women like trash. They are different but equal. Men and women are entitled to receive an education of equal standards. Does an apple equal a banana? The neck commands which direction the head points! Another area in which men and women are still not equal is parental leave. When we say that the genders are equal, we are not saying that they are identical, or even alike. Are women not protected from the from lines in war? In this sense, they are equal. Studies have shown that men's brains are wired front to back tending to more linear disciplined tasks where the female brain is wired side to side tending to multitasking social and language skills women tend to be more emotional than men.We are Yin and Yang opposing forces in dynamic tension Ergo not equal. It is nature and who people are. This is true of every single society anywhere ever. Men and women are equal. This is why we need an Eh/other/neither yes nor no column. Of course you need a man to help with it. Inferior in the physical sense but equal if not greater intellectually! They are emotionally weaker, And respond to depression and/or stress with aggression. For a human being to lead a total life, he or she must have both forms of energy: the power of strength and the power of subtlety; the power of giving and the power of receiving. We mean to say that there are no fundamental differences besides the obvious and not-so-obvious physical ones.

man and woman are equal debate

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