This allows enough time for the potato plants to grow and mature before the cooler weather (and potential frost) in the fall. Sometimes description doesn’t make sense to 1st time gardeners. They are one of the early crops of the year, so make sure you know when to plant potatoes in your gardening zone so you don’t miss out on this easy crop! Keep potatoes well-watered. Onions. The longer potatoes grow, the bigger the tubers will be. Any suggestions? Zones 8a and 8b – Plant in January and February, and a fall crop in August. Especially with things like the potatoes. You can save money at the grocery store without a time intensive garden or committing to raising livestock. Vegetables and herbs to plant | They will grow, but will need a lot of water and might not form as many potatoes. Can I just wait until my baby dutch yellow potato grows eyes and then plant it? The rule of thumb to follow for the earliest planting time is to plant 2 weeks before your last spring frost. Dig a trench for the seed potatoes about 30 - 40cm wide and 10 - 20cm deep. We cannot help if you are overrun by giant slugs. Join our 60,000+ gardeners who already use Gardenate and subscribe to the free Gardenate planting reminders email newsletter. As potato shoots start to appear, cover them up with soil from either side of the trench. Sign up for the Backyard Orchards email course today! Make a no-dig bed of potatoes by layering newspapers (or flattened cardboard boxes) at least six layers thick on an area to be planted. I’m in Kentucky. For me here in San Antonio they could probably be grown all winter, as we rarely get below 28 degrees. Please try again. In zones 6 and below, you can help mother nature along by setting up a cold frame or greenhouse. Contact us | When - As soon as the frost is out of the ground and the soil can be worked thoroughly. You can also make a 'container' using loose bricks or chicken wire. As the mulch breaks down keep adding more mulch to keep the tubers covered. You can wait until your potato grows eyes. I’m in zone 8b, western Washington. In San Antonio when should I plant potatoes? Add a bit more compost/manure to the bottom of the trench and cover with some soil. Don't flatten the cover down. Appreciate your help! I'd like to receive the free email course. Count back 15-20 weeks and start planting your potatoes at that time. According to Sunset, zone 6 vegetable planting runs from mid-March after the last frost through mid-November. Compatible with (can grow beside): Peas, Beans, Brassicas, Sweetcorn, Broad Beans, Nasturtiums, Marigolds, Avoid growing close to: Cucumber, Pumpkin, Sunflowers, Tomatoes, Rosemary. Zones 9a and 9b – Plant your spring crop in January and your fall crop in October and November. Traditionally this turns out to be near Saint Patrick’s Day, which is fairly easy to remember! In hot or dry climates sprout seed potatoes in seed trays of dampened potting mix. - The only way they are not used is raw. Dig carefully, avoid damaging the potatoes. However, there are other factors that may come into play. Is it really too hot already to plant now? With potatoes, I think last average frost dates will be more relevant than USDA Zones though. Before you see the potato plants sprouting through the soil they are busy growing roots. Cover the potatoes with layers of compost, weed-free straw, rotted animal manure, and other mulch materials, until the potatoes are covered by about 20 - 30cm. Seed potatoes are small potatoes (usually fairly dried up and wrinkled) which are free of viruses and other diseases. I live in southern part of New Mexico and I have some potatoes with eyes. Privacy Policy. Water well. Anyone grow True Seed Potatoes in zone 10? 21 Nov 20, andy morzella (USA - Zone 10a climate), 11 Oct 20, Neil Hjelmervik (USA - Zone 9a climate), 15 Oct 20, colleen (USA - Zone 10b climate), 22 Mar 20, Gretta (USA - Zone 9b climate), 24 Mar 20, Chris (Australia - sub-tropical climate). It could be 90 here in three or four weeks and stay that way until October – now only about 20 weeks away. I live in Virginia.

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