Whether you’re in-store or in a delivery zone, we’ll always make you a tasty sandwich! Jimmy John's. This content has been … The driving insight for these ads is found in why Jimmy John's only delivers five minutes from the store: freaky freshness. Jimmy John’s in Henderson makes Freaky Fast Freaky Fresh ® sandwiches near you using only the freshest ingredients. Stop by and order delivery or pick up from one of our 5 locations in Henderson for a tasty sandwich today! Jimmy John’s, known for its “freaky fast” delivery, is trying to make things even faster, at least for its most loyal customers. Freaky … The “freaky fast” slogan became a liability in a civil trial for a Midtown office worker knocked down on Peachtree Street by a Jimmy John’s bicycle delivery man. Jimmy John's is taking its Freaky Fast Rewards program national on December 9, a spokesperson for the sandwich chain told Thrillist. Any farther than that and the sandwich is at risk of losing its freshness. It's been tested in select locations for the last six … Jimmy John’s reached an agreement Monday with a motorcyclist who suffered severe injuries after colliding with a “freaky fast” Jimmy John’s delivery driver. [+] Fast Rewards, nationwide.

jimmy john's freaky fast'' delivery policy

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