Save up to 68% on 7 issues of woodworking projects and tricks. amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0"; It’ll last hundreds of years in tough weather including eternal drippy fog. More than one person has mentioned a concern for the weight of some species such as white oak. 3 Steps to Deciding on Your Best Wood for Outdoor Furniture,,, Shaker Storage & Shelving Shop Resources Collection, © 2020 Cruz Bay Publishing, Inc. All rights reserved, How to Straighten Warped Wood and Eat Humble Pie, Basics, Hand Tools Techniques, Techniques, Woodworking Daily Blog, Free Woodworking Downloads From Lee Valley, I Can Do That! This will also influence the finishing process you use. Out here in the wilds of Montana, cedar and redwood are fairly readily available. These won’t rot but are very heavy to move around. When it becomes damp or wet it does not warp or dry out of shape. Spray it with oil occasionally (every decade or so) or let it turn silver with time. MY chairs were painted different colors and as long as I keep them painted they will hold up very well. Dan apprenticed and worked in two professional shops during the years after college. I only wish I had bought stainless screws instead of ceramic coated deck screws since I’m beginning to see small spots of rust on the fasteners after 3 yrs outdoors. I looked into pine and pressure-treated pine. Assuming you can afford it, teak is of course a fantastic option for outdoor projects. Leave us a comment below! I am, as you know, planning to build a couple Adirondack chairs to put outside this spring. Sawmills, being old-school, often can’t be found through Google search, so be sure to check the phonebook and your state’s forest management website for listings. 1. If someone is willing to do the extra work of culling through the wood and is not too far away, the rewards are generally repaid for decades. In fact only cedar lasts longer in ground contact than sassafras. But can you work teak in your shop? White washing or applying another type of faux finish to fir wood often works well because it covers the uneven surface that is usually present in fir. It may be all of that, but I spoke with a nearby sawyer who is starting to sell me on it. Score! It retains its original size, it does not split, and it is not prone to decay. What do you use for outdoor furniture where you are? I agree wholeheartedly with esincox, I wouldn’t risk the hazards of treated lumber. My Adirondacks made from lightweight redwood tend to go flying in our all too common Midwestern winds. It’s fun to get familiar with the types of trees that grow right in your neck of the woods. I’ll split an order with you if you want it delivered to Cincinnati. You have to be careful with milling because of screws, nails, nuts, and bolts, and you have to deal with the holes left behind, but it’s an economical source and the wear-and-tear can add character. The last chair I made was a child’s chair for indoor use and made it out of some poplar I had around looks great and is holding up very well. I prefer to let them age naturally and most of those for whom I build pieces approve of this approach. but what about using it for boat trim? A set of chairs might just be that project. The price for chic outdoor furniture can be justified if your purchase is an investment in products that will weather well over time. White oak, the "whiskey barrel" wood, differs from red oak in that it is much less porous. Have a conversation with your local sawyers. Read more about all of our editors’ 2014 woodworking goals by clicking here! A fellow church parishioner deconstructed a 90 year old barn that was made from the stuff. I’ve always read this is a great way for patio furniture to survive “foot rot”! p.s. 10 years later, they look great, graying to a light silver color, no rot, no raised grain, no black streaks, no moss or algae. Personally, I wouldn’t chance it — any of it… my health, my tools, my finished project — just to try and save a few bucks. amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "search"; Swing seats ,settees, Adirondack rockers, breakfast sets, etc. – Simple Woodworking Projects. Best lumber? it is a wonderful wood to work, strong, lightweight, machines well, takes fasteners and glue very well and smells like root beer when you work it. My go-to materials are Fir, Cedar (western red), and Redwood. As long as the furniture is … 2. He gave me several hundred board feet that I have used for a lot of projects. They were finished with 3 coats of spar varnish. The prices are amazing for ancient growth redwood cut to order. amzn_assoc_search_bar_position = "bottom"; That’s in line with most hardwoods that I use. Because of its limitations, fir is usually reserved for construction projects in which the wood is used for structure and strength, but will be invisible behind drywall or other construction materials. A premium grade 2x6x16′ board (clear, knot free) costs about $20 (YellerWood), which works out to about $1.25 /bf. It is rich in oil, giving it a lustrous finish, and can withstand the elements, insect pests and the possibility of rotting. Redwood is great for permanent outdoor furniture. We sailed the high seas for many years with nothing but wood between the ocean water and us. It can also be used in boat building and outdoor construction. 2 I made from pressure treated and pine. At Sawkill Lumber in Northern CT we also sometimes have overstock or shorts that are sold at a discount and work fine for smaller furniture projects. Due to the reasons listed above, most outdoor furniture that is made of fir wood is painted. Fir Wood Outdoor Furniture A fast-growing evergreen with many of the same advantages of cedar, fir is pale yellow in color with a smooth, straight-grained surface. But sweeping shop floors only goes so far toward learning woodworking. Our city replaced all the rotted out oak (I’m guessing red oak, a terrible choice) on the municipal park benches with ipé . The primary reason that fir wood is not normally used to create furniture is that it is not easy to finish. the parts that were on the ground were pressure treated the upper char was pine. However, the grain patterns are bold and quite appealing to me. This characteristic can cause the wood to warp. You can do your best to pick through the stuff at the big box stores or contact a small mill like They’re milling salvaged logs that have been abandoned for decades and pulling them out of the woods with draft horses. What’s your budget? I’ve built several chairs, tables, and a pergola from old swingsets (usually redwood or cedar). Super-strong, white oak features stainable, straight-grained wood with heartwood that resists decay. The summers down here are brutal and the sun tends to pull the color out of furniture treated with a tinted preservative but the rot resistance could not be better. I’m currently building a bench for my neighbor to use with his backyard ice rink. Still waiting though for the “right” project to come along. I have made 6 Adirondack chairs 1 of pine my first, and it was cheaper with pine allowing for mistakes. Watch for people giving away swingsets or tearing down decks on Craigslist. I liked the smell of the wood but not its ability to give me slivers everytime I roughly handled the edges until they were well planed and the edges rounded. The weather here is reliably horrendous, so I would love to go with teak or cypress, but I can’t afford those options. red cedar works well in texas panhandle with penofin wood sealer/will not split and crack with penofin. Learn about every aspect of house painting with Karl Crowder’s online guide, including how to choose paint colors, surface preparation and application techniques for your project. There are a number of wood types that will likely work well for your outdoor furniture project, but it is important to think a little in advance about the weather conditions you’ll be facing. We all go about sourcing lumber our own way, but I thought it would be helpful to tell you more about my research here in northern New England. Fir wood is an excellent choice for outdoor furniture such as Adirondack chairs and picnic tables. I find that from a quality and price standpoint, KDAT pressure treated wood is by far the best. I have found some oak at Homedepot that might work. However, this does not impact our recommendations. In some cases, fir wood is used to create furniture. Wood is an amazing material. I have made 2 out of pressure treated southern yellow pine. The weather in the northeast can be trying in the winter so I keep them covered and out of the weather. – A goal is a series of steps, and that’s how I’m pursuing my outdoor furniture project idea. It retains its original size, it does not split, and it is not prone to decay. Plus, you’re going to either have to wait for it to dry or you’re going to have to account for some huge dimensional changes as it dries as a piece of furniture. They were aged beautifully…lots of “green” character.

is fir a good wood for outdoor furniture

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