(the '425 patent). 5,801,657 of Fowler et al., and U.S. patent application Ser. Specifically, the relationship between the number of bits, m, of the time index value and the number of exposure times which can be supported by the method of the present invention is given as follows: Thus, when the time index value has 3 bits (m=3), the number of exposure times which can be supported is 7 or less. The device includes full auto-functions support (AWB and AE) and ALTM (Adaptive Local Tone Mapping) to enhance HDR video. 8 and 9 depict two exemplary transfer functions which can be used in the companding operations of the present invention. 1. Please modify your search so that it will return results. 7 illustrates four rows of exemplary memory cells for storing image information according to another embodiment of the present invention. 9 shows a transfer function for converting a 9-bit value to an 8-bit value. Copending and commonly assigned U.S. patent application Ser. Thus, in one embodiment, logic circuits are included in image sensor. 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Image Sensors FRAMOS Sensor Module with SONY IMX415, CMOS Rolling Shutter, color, 3864 x 2176 pixel, 1/2.8 inch, max. M12 mount, compatible with FSA-FT1. Companding can be applied in an image sensor for reducing the memory storage space required whether or not multiple sample is applied. 90 fps, MIPI CSI-2. FSM-IMX335C-01S-V1A. Part No. Of course, in other embodiments of the present invention, the time index value can include any number of bits to support any desired number of exposure times. 3 of the aforementioned '786 patent application and shows a functional block diagram of an image sensor, With the memory configuration outlined above and illustrated in FIG. When image sensor. 3 is included to illustrate the multiple sampling operation of image sensor, When multiple sampling is used, pixel values are first read out at an exposure time 1T and a multiple sampling logic circuit in image sensor, In FIG. When multiple sampling is used in image sensor, In accordance with the present embodiment, even though only the lower 9 bits of the 10-bit pixel data are stored, the pixel value is preserved. In one embodiment, the companding circuit applies a transfer function which is linear for low intensity values and logarithm for high intensity values. U.S. Pat. 4. FIG. 4 illustrates the pixel intensity values vs. exposure time for four representative pixels A, B, C, and D detected by a DPS array. 60 fps, MIPI CSI-2. General Description The ON Semiconductor AS0140AT is a 1.0 MP format digital image sensor and image sensor processor for automotive viewing applications. The link could not be generated at this time. Multiple sampling is a technique capable of achieving a wide dynamic range without many of the disadvantages associated with other dynamic range enhancement techniques, such as degradation in signal-to-noise ratio and increased implementation complexity.

image sensor companding

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