Removing dark marks from hardwood floors can be a challenge. Ralph asks: We have some beautiful oak flooring beneath the old carpet in our house, but there are a few stains. Oil Stains on Hardwood Floors (article) Problems Sanding and Refinishing Wood Floors (article) How to Refinish Wood Floors (video/article) VIDEO TRANSCRIPT. TheFlooringGirl. October 8, 2015 at 6:48 am. Hardwood floors are an expensive investment that you should always protect. After looking at the original hardwood floors for a few days, I decided they were too orange and I needed to tone down the color. The process for sanding and refinishing hardwood floors. This means there are no deep scratches or dents, things that can only be removed by taking off a millimetre or 2 from the surface of the wood. Everyone seems to want to know, how to refinish a wood floor without sanding. Floors can light up a room or they can seem to soak all the light up from it, no matter what color you paint walls and ceilings. The gel stain allows you to do some light prep and stain right over the existing stained wood. Whether you are attempting to lighten the natural color of wood or alter the shade of an existing applied wood stain, the process is pretty much the same. Is there a way to remove those without sanding the whole floor? Be watchful to deal with any spillage or mess on your floor. Liming is a process where we wash lime onto the timber floor; there is no reaction of the lime and the timber, but bleaching is a process in which a chemical reaction takes place between the bleaching solution and the wooden floors. Unlike white water stains residing on the very surface of the hardwood floor, dark stains require more steps and products in order to restore the beauty of the wood. Bart – This depends on how close the colors are. 1. First, you sand the ... match the rest of our house is there any way to darken the floors without sanding them again they did not put any polyurethane as out hose is on pear & beam and does get moisture under it. Some stains can be impossible to remove once set. How to Lighten Color Stain In Wood. I decided I wanted to use the Gel stain and not have to sand down to the original wood. How to Lighten a Floor Stain. Reply. Regular cleaning with the right methods can add beauty and life to your floor. Dark spots on hardwood flooring are commonly the result of some type of liquid that has soaked into the polyurethane finish and top layers of wood. There are various types of finishes that contain UV blocking additives that help, but there’s nothing that definitively prevents color change from happening, eventually. This is ideal for floors that are not significantly damaged. Screen and recoat- Not only does the hardwood, itself, oxidize and change color, but your hardwood floors finish is effected by UV light also. Bleaching - lighten up dark timber such as jarrah without blocking wood grain Bleaching makes a similar effect to liming but the process is totally different.

how to lighten dark hardwood floors without sanding

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