This is my favorite hairstory product besides new wash, I love this dry shampoo because I love hair when it’s kind of dirty but I hate the way it gets flat. Hairstory Powder, $36 This travel-friendly volume powder is a game changer. New Wash Starter Kit, £83, Hairstory. Using microfine mineral and vegetable granules to ensure thicker hair without any visible residue, this powder also smells great (useful for post-wash hair or day 3 hair). Hairstory's New Wash range - review. #1: Hairstory Hair Volume Powder An all-natural three-in-one product, Hairstory’s Hair Powder promises to add texture, volume, and grease-busting action all in one go. May 21, 2017 . It’s not just a dry shampoo but it’s a light airy powder that you puff on to roots-it adds tons of volume at the crown while sucking any oils that might weigh your hair down at the top of your head. The Hair Balm, for example, is just $36 for a four-ounce bottle. The unique, extendable nozzle makes for precise root application. I do wash my hair, just only once or twice a week. If there’s one thing you have to know about me it’s that I don’t wash my hair. Well, at least that’s what everyone thinks about me. New Wash Product Review: A New Way to Wash Hair with Hairstory. Share ; By. We are not always fans of 2-in-1s here, but when anti-inflammatory colloidal oatmeal — not water — is the first ingredient, it catches our attention. The Volumizing powder is also $36, but for a 1.35-ounce bottle instead, while the Sulfate-Free Shampoo Alternative is $40. And then I would live off of dry shampoo in between washes. Each Hairstory product varies in price depending on what it is, but most are affordable and each first order comes with free shipping. It comes with the Original New Wash shampoo, which we love, as well as the scalp brush and a Powder - which helps you through the transition period by … A pioneering brand that offers you the chance to start a new chapter in how you care for your hair. Derbyshire Live. If you want to give the Hairstory range a try for the first time, consider this starter kit. Packed with a bunch of root-lifting mineral- and vegetable-based based ingredients, it absorbs oil and smells, and plumps up strands, leaving them with a clean, floral scent.

hairstory powder review

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