From 1959, the original "Doublemint Twins" were 21-year-old Jayne and Joan Knoerzer (professionally using their mother's maiden name, Boyd) of Hammond, Indiana, appeared in advertisements for Doublemint, until 1963 when Joan became pregnant. Whether they were riding their bikes or strolling through the snow, the commercials … The Sagal twins enjoyed a brief run as the stars of a sitcom, Double Trouble, in 1984. . Many twins have applied, but so have people and their friends, their pets, even inanimate objects. Allison was always the serious outgoing sister, while Kate was more fun and laid-back. With Jean Sagal, Liz Sagal, James Vallely, Jonathan Schmock.

Liz possesses a height of 5 feet 2.5 inches. Wrigley also began an open casting call for people to be in their ad campaigns. appeared in Spaceballs Conjoined twins Chang and Eng Bunker (1811–1874), the original "Siamese twins" Ilona and Judit Gófitz (1701–1723) Abby and Brittany Hensel (born 1990) Daisy and … Mar 10, 2013 - Denise and Dian Gallup . Linda Ryan Puffer and Lisa Winters Cox were the longest-running twins, who became iconic while starring in the famous Wrigley chewing gum commercials. They drove a tandem bike through various modern day situations, singing about the complexity of modern life and touting the joy of the simple pleasure of Doublemint gum. It's no surprise that the Sagals ended up in show biz. "), Patricia and Cybil (some sources show her name as Priscilla) Barnstable, Denise and Dian Gallup,[3] Cynthia and Brittany Daniel (future co-stars as the Wakefield twins in the TV series based on the Sweet Valley High novels), Tia and Tamera Mowry in the early 90s (future co-star of The Game with both Tia Mowry and Brittany Daniel and future co-stars of Sister, Sister), Heidi and Alissa Kramer, figure skaters Pamela and Jeremy Green, and Jean (née Barbara) and Elizabeth Sagal (daughters of TV director Boris Sagal and sisters of Married...With Children's Katey Sagal). But away from the camera, something darker was brewing. . Wrigley had used the Doublemint Twins advertising concept for decades before casting the Yokubinas twins in 1985. Sitcom about the antics between two twins, Kate and Allison (played by real life twins Liz and Jean Segal). Since then, the Wrigley Company has run various commercials with some of the new twins, as well as Natalie and Nicole from the 2005 campaign. [5], In 2004, the European Union Court of Justice ultimately denied Wrigley's request for trademark status on the name "Doublemint"; the Court found that the mark DOUBLEMINT was descriptive of the product and in violation of trademark law. These can be seen at the official Doublemint Gum website. [6], The actual flavorings used in Doublemint gum are a trade secret, but the company does say that the main flavor ingredient is peppermint. The Boyds were followed by the Frankel twins, Jennie and Terrie, in the 1960s. November 9, 2017. Wrigley’s Doublemint Gum – “Twins” It’s hard to not think of the Wrigley’s Doublemint Gum as the best commercial of the 80s—but there’s a couple a bit better. . The Doublemint Twins book. . Liz and Jean Sagal, whose sister is Katey Sagal of “Married…With Children” fame, were Doublemint Twins in the 1980s. Created by David W. Duclon, Bob Illes, James R. Stein. In 1987, Denise and Dian Gallup spoofed their roles as the Doublemint Twins in cameo roles in the Mel Brooks film, Spaceballs. Life seemed like a breeze for sisters Linda Puffer and Lisa Winters Cox, who played the Doublemint Twins in commercials for the Wrigley gum that …

She played in the television series Double Trouble where she co-starred with her twin sister Jean Sagal. Although it is not a sugarless gum, in 2003 Wrigley's replaced some of the sugar with artificial sweeteners aspartame and acesulfame potassium. Beginning in 1939 with stylized illustrations of twins, advertisements continued with print ads and later television commercials, featuring actual twins as spokespersons. Later twins projected more sex appeal in keeping with trends in American advertising; the Barnstable twins were later asked to pose for Playboy due to their popularity as spokeswomen for the gum. [citation needed], Sugar, gum base, dextrose, corn syrup, natural and artificial flavors; less than 2% of glycerol, aspartame, gum arabic, soy lecithin, acesulfame K, color (titanium dioxide, blue 1 lake, beta-carotene), BHT[7]. Wrigley began running Doublemint Twin commercials again in 2005 with a new set of twins, Natalie and Nicole Garza, who were dressed in old-fashioned clothes.

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