Fortunately, I have my little RV water filter here, so let’s put this into the coffee. I’m just going to fill this up to the max line here in my coffee grinder. 90 Days. Hey, you want to go for roughly a 4:1 ratio. So I have, uh, a cheap coffee grinder here from Amazon, and then you have these, uh, these dark roast beans. We do not include these with our kegerators because we have many clients that prefer different size Cornelius kegs to serve from. $643.88 (18% 0ff) Digital Javarator. Now the thing that makes beer fizzy and the way that you serve it is CO2 carbon dioxide. Cold brew has seen a. . I just sort of measure it out. I do in two stages, starting off with my trusty brewers Civ. And that is a beautiful poor of nitro, cold brew coffee. I’ve set the PSI to about five and I’m going to first of all just purge the keg. Now at this point, the coffee is mostly filtered, but there’s probably still a few grinds in there. The next stage is to separate the cold brew coffee from the coffee grinds. I’m going to show you exactly what you need to do to get Nitro Homebrew coffee at home and we’ll start with what I was up to yesterday. So that really is the sort of course crush that you want with the cold brew coffee. So here’s what you’re going to need. If you've followed the high, wild wave of the cold-brew nitro coffee craze, you'll know that a nitro coffee kegerator is key in bringing this creamy beverage to life. Order Now . Happy Cold Brewing! (Same with the portable uKeg Nitro version) So this is my nitrogen regulator connected to my nitrogen stream canister. Now, if you’ve not had true nitro cold brew, it’s very different from regular cold brew because you really get that creamy mouthfeel a much like you would with a nitro beer. Technically, this is really considered cold brew coffee concentrate at this stage and you could elect to water it down a little bit. Now a jar of the dark, rich, and mellow concentrate sits in your fridge waiting to greet you every morning, or whenever a craving hits. And that way we can get the oxygen out of this thing. (Same with the portable uKeg Nitro version). If I remember about halfway through, I’ll give him a shake. Dark roast is really what you want. Just going to store them in here. This is going in as is. Now the challenge with using pure nitrogen is it doesn’t really dissolve into liquid very well and we need it to do that in order to get that sort of foamy mouth feel that we’re expecting from a Nitro cold brew. Can I get one with cream, 10 72 sweet cream. And this provides nitrogen into my keg. I’m going to leave these at room temperature too steep with the coffee, how long you leave it for? That’s about 22 hours in the fridge. Some will say that using beer gas is okay for nitro cold brewed coffee because it helps with the cascade effect. You can see some bubbles in here. Let's get to it. Now we need to get these cold. Cheers! Pretty sweet huh? So I have a new tool to get the nitrogen really flowing well out of my nukata taps. There’s a small process to get your kegs up and running, but we promise it’s quick and easy. And now we’re going to be sending nitrogen in through the diffuser. So after that, each Mason jar has yielded about two and a half pints of cold brew coffee. I’m using this from cold brew labs right now and what you really want to go for though is something with extra course grinds or something that would be suitable maybe for a French press. And then there is a gas in, this is where I’m going to send the nitrogen in some infusion magic happens in here and then out the other end is just another beverage output. Be sure to select the Double and Triple Tap options to select from 14 craft beverages. This is a three gallon keg, kind of a mini keg, cold brew in here. But honestly the easiest way that I’ve found is just use Mason jars. And that’s that last ingredient is the water. Fortunately I happen to have one of my fermentation chamber chest freezers here that’s a currently cold crashing one of my beers. So we’ll start off by actually brewing this cold brew, and then I’ll move on to show you how to serve on nitro. And now that cold brew coffee is ready. So half in each. And this little beauty is the result. Cold brew. So it’s close to just being a little bit under one pint and then it’s good enough for me. I think it’s time to take matters into our own hands. Looking to serve cold brew coffee on tap? You may be able to use beer gas short term, such as a single party or get-to-gather. The first step to this is to sanitize the carbonation stone by placing it in some boiling water for a couple of minutes. Good morning. Now there are all sorts of gizmos and gadgets you can buy to create cold brew coffee. But today I want to show you how to make the stuff that’s coming out of the fourth tap in my bar. So there’s two things that go in here. But, you’ve gone further than most. So the T splits two ways. It helps keep the lights on and the hops growing. I didn’t have much luck finding this in the grocery stores, so I ended up buying this one online. Stainless Steel Stout Faucet (if wanting to serve nitro), Quick Cascade Lid (optional, but helpful if serving nitro), You also may want to consider smaller keg sizes depending on what you already have, If you’re in the market for a Kegerator with the sole purpose of serving cold brew; either still, nitro or both, the least expensive option would be to convert a, But, if you’re not much of a DIY person and would rather have the convenience of buying a. all set to go, that’s always an option too. So I have here a two 64 ounce Mason jars and that’s all I use. This lid allows you to run the nitrogen down to the bottom of the keg and out a diffusion stone, so instead of the gas setting in just the headspace it’s diffused automatically through the coffee, speeding up the infusion process tremendously. Happy Cold Brewing! And it’s necessary if you have particularly long lines. I’m just going to leave these overnight, come back tomorrow and then I’ll show you how to do the nitrogen part. Fear not, you’re almost there! Everything I’ve got here now all came from Amazon. So this is a passion of mine at this point, and I did make a video about making cold brew coffee before (above), but that was when I first started out and the whole process was a lot more complicated. Nitro cold brew is coffee infused with nitrogen and served at high pressure to get the same cool cascading effect you see when a nitro Guinness (or other beer) is poured. Well, I normally just make this the day before I want it and just leave it 24 hours. That’s going to lead to some pretty unpleasant off flavors. The filtering. The other input we have is for the beverage and that fall, who’s we all the way round here into the other side of the keg. Now here’s where it gets pretty interesting. Transcript: I’m going to show you a super easy way to make cold brew coffee at home. After seeing how much a once-a-day cup of cold brew from your favorite coffee shop costs over a week, you decided to take matters into your own hands and brew it yourself. So I ended up going to a welding shop just outside the airport and they were able to supply me with a 20 cubic feet canister of pure nitrogen N2. You do not want to use carbon dioxide with coffee, going to get very unpleasant flavors from that. All you got to do is pull out the bags and dispose of them. I am going to use some filtered water just out of my RV water filter. Normally I finished my videos with cheers!. Our Cold Brew & Nitro Coffee Kegerators come with everything you need to get serving your cold brew and nitro coffee on draft! Um, so therefore just grinding yourself is probably the best way to go. It’s usually served without ice because the ice can break up the pleasing cascade. Cold Brew and Nitro Coffee. There we go. Um, but for nitro cold brew coffee, we want to serve this entirely with the gas of nitrogen and that’s it, no CO2 at all, just nitrogen the, um, but the thing to know about that though, is that nitrogen doesn’t dissolve very well in liquids, the same way that CO2 does.

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