This interview first appeared in our December 2008 journal. But should you find yourself in a situation where you fear for your safety, or the safety of others, then act within the current UK law and you'll be fine. But what a lot of people do not understand is how that decision affects somebody’s willingness to mess with them. By the time you’ve gotten to self defense, it is not to prevent a problem, it is because you have a problem. Then recently, after seeing that attack on a Birmingham traffic warden, I was left seething in anger and wishing I’d been there to kick the attacker’s future offspring into non-existance. We are both on the same wavelength there, as he should get life in a pig pen, and if she has defended herself, then bloody good show. MacYoung: No. You make some very good points there Alistair, thank you. break the jaw and teeth easy but a head blow would be fatal. Better safe than sorry. You add to the problem. eJournal: What if we can’t avoid the problem? Clearly this is proportionate use of force with a deadly weapon. The fact is, the closer you get to Ragnarök, the fewer options you have. Interview by Gila Hayes We get a lot of questions about how defending yourself with knife affects the legal claim of self defense. MacYoung: No. eJournal: For now, can you offer an example? For self defense, step one is “don’t get hurt.” eJournal: Is that realistic? It’s tough when two people are both operating from their limbic systems. Put it basically if someone breaks into your home and you honestly believe they are going to kill you, open season on them. I came across farbgel as a self-defence tool in the past but somehow forgot to buy it/or maybe I wasn’t one hundred percent sure of it’s legality. Subsequent appeal, which again showed all the problems that led to it, proved their incompetence and inability to respond to it after my complaints, but the result was again a confirmation of the previous decision, despite obvious violations or passive inaction on their part. Again, thanks for taking time to comment, and I will look at rewording that sentence. You have to do something to stop this. (Sorry for the poor explanation; sometimes I’m not good at explaining things well). That’s why I say there’s nothing wrong with running and screaming like a girl. eJournal: So using a knife for self defense is as simple as learning one move? Or get in your car and run him down. Barry. eJournal: How do you train for that? When his brief saw me he got him to go guilty, he went to prison. I can justify cutting and running a whole lot better. And that is going to make all kinds of defensive wounds. MacYoung: Yes, it is. You let his monkey know that he can retreat safely. MacYoung: To developing a better understanding of different tools, that each has a time and place and when to use it. MacYoung: Really easy. 1. The thing is that I am a Muslim female who wears the hijab and veil, and for obvious reasons, getting into physical altercations is something I’d rather avoid. They stand back and dance around. What I’m teaching is to break away. But when do you teach people to stop shooting an attacker? AND… again, it is essential that the amount of reasonable force used must be in proportion to the attack on you. Use of force for a knife is the same as it is for a gun. Doesn’t matter which way he’s facing, the monkey brain sees proximity and says “Threat!” So, if you’re hitting somebody with a knife and he’s not going away like you expected him to, you’re getting more scared. They screwed up, screwed up, and screwed up. So, the short answer to the question, as it was asked, is yes. As well as being able to defend yourself, It also makes perfectly good sense for you to be able to defend yourself within reason, and defend by only doing what you consider is reasonable force and necessary to prevent more harm being inflicted upon yourself. MacYoung: Correctamundo! That is rubbish. When you are purchasing items to defend yourself should an attack occur, there are some items that may not be legal in your jurisdiction. The reason I’m telling you to break contact and get back into the rational brain is that when you’re in your monkey brain, into the limbic system, you are operating emotionally, but you believe you’re being rational. Your email address will not be published. The biggest paradox in the world is that with willingness to go there [to use lethal force], you usually don’t have to. Let your monkey run! Handguns have less of a shock on the system. Fight them? 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The fact is, when it comes to knife work, I send people to you. It does however have to be proportionate to the threat. MacYoung: No that’s negotiation. I am a retired Police Constable and yes I carried a gun. Give him a face saving exit 4. The problem with most so-called self defense is that people are looking for an Omega solution. You want out of the situation where you need to use lethal force. Although layered out in written law, I still think it is subjected to so many different interpretations of different opinions. The only criminal identifier spray that is legal to carry and use in the UK. When I say you don’t cross this line and we both live, that’s not a threat, it is a promise because I’m ready to back it up. People will ask, “What if he follows me?” Hellooo? Check your inbox or spam folder to confirm your subscription. eJournal: What is the reality? Remember the New York actress’ last words during a mugging, “What are you going to do, shoot us?” A huge part of the monkey dance is threat display. Getting out of range also ceases the threat. It doesn’t mean winning the fight. My bedroom door was unlocked. UK law allows you to use any force to defend yourself (or others) up to and including lethal force with deadly weapons. They will say in self defense and he can say well it’s the same thing.the gov wants us like well behaved children to do as we are told or else. MacYoung: Looking for a magic bullet. Throw in threat display and posturing. Now they want to know how to come out OK from this long string of screw ups. You say that “Similarly you cannot pull out a knife that you happened to have on your person at the time, or any weapon that you decide to use to defend yourself as that would be deemed as an offensive weapon, and disproportionate to the attack on you in those circumstances”.

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