I like to make rudimentary terrariums out of plastic tubs. Growing Moss for Terrariums. The surface can be a rock, tree or garden statue. Growing your own lichens can help you achieve an aged look on your outdoor statues, garden ornaments or walls. The presence of lichens can give an antiqued look to the surface on which they grow. Your order will include our Moss Care Sheet. 1.5" in diameter. Step 1 Select a surface for growing the lichen. 01/09/2016. I end up using quite a lot of moss, so it’s much more economical for me to propagate it myself. Whenever I buy a new type of moss, I’ll get a little bit more than I need and pop the excess in a container to grow. We ship only fresh lichen, 100% natural, organic, no pesticides or chemicals ever used. Harvested direct by us here at Appalachian Emporium. DIY: Make your own tiny terrarium garden that’ll stay green all winter long. Looks beautiful in terrariums and also in basic flower pots and for bonsai. Lives well with british soldier cladonia and pityrea cladonia. Here's what you should know about different kinds of terrariums, from closed moss terrariums to open succulent terrariums and air plant terrariums. (2) pieces of Live Pixie Cup Cladonia Lichen, approx. The types of terrarium plants you put inside your miniature container garden will depend on the amount of light your home gets—and your plant selections will then inform whether you get an open or closed terrarium. by Catherine Winter .

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