Also, leopard seal is one of the biggest seals in southern oceans, and they can weigh up to 600 kilograms. What’s worse? However, there are still cases of leopard seals have killed people. Whoever have seen movie Jaws, must be aware of deadliness of this creature towards humans. They can grow as large as 7ft and are known for being quick swimmer with the speed of around 27 mph to overtake their prey. Those accidentally touch jellyfish’s venomous tentacles are reported to undergo an extreme amount of pain and burning feeling, that can sometimes be fetal to humans. The list contains a huge range of species from tropical jellyfish to killer seals of the Arctic. The bull shark is quite imposing, but the tiger shark is something else. If the grown leopard seal opens its mouth, it is huge enough to fit a person’s head in perfectly. From the deadly venom of a blue-ringed octopus, to the ginormous bite of a great white shark and the powerful sting of a box jellyfish, it’s always important to … In this selection of the world’s most dangerous sea creatures I have tried to balance the statistics with the potential to kill and aggression of these animals. Considering the fact that blue ringed octopus anti-venom hasn’t developed yet, they are one of the most dangerous animals for humans. Top 10 Most Beautiful Places To Visit Before You Die! Don't get me wrong, I think it's pretty safe to say that I wouldn't want to encounter any of these creatures during a dip in the water. The grumpy look already tells you that stonefish is not friendly and welcoming with strangers at all. Venom of stonefish is not dangerous, but it is unbelievably and incredibly painful to bear. You can find them along the northern coasts of Australian and tropical Southeast Asia. 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Our list of the top 10 weirdest deep sea creatures will take you to the depths of the ocean floor and explore some of the strangest looking creatures on the planet, above or below the water. Author's Note: 10 Extinct Exotic Sea Creatures. If you ever thought that the land snakes are only deadly threat to humans, then you may want to think again, sea snakes also posses a venom that’s extremely dangerous for humans. ... Little is known about this deep-sea monster, which lives around … The blue rings will appear all over the octopus’ body as a sign of warning. It is one of the most beautiful sea creatures in the ocean, but the personality is not that nice. But no matter what, if you spot a snake swimming in the sea, just swim away. However, claims in the past have suggested that saltwater crocodiles are responsible for thousands of humans fatalities annually, most of which remain unreported. Most dangerous sea snakes are beaked sea snakes and Belcher’s sea snakes, and most sea snakes are equally dangerous since they can bite even through a wetsuit. Being the animal of top of the food chain already shows you how dangerous leopard seals can be. That tentacle can continue to sting even after the victims have left the sea, and that also leads to scar as well. The good thing about blue ringed octopus is that they look normal when not threatened. See how these deep-sea denizens make the most of their deep, dark home. So far, box jellyfish has caused more than 60 deaths already just in Australia alone. Bear in mind that being attacked in the sea especially when you are far away from ashore is 10 times worse than on land. So remember their faces and stay as far away as you can from these dangerous sea animals. You can also find these dangerous sea animals throughout Southeast Asia, and as far as west India. Beautiful as it may look, blue ringed octopus is one of the most dangerous sea animals that can kill. The great white shark is responsible for largest number of reported and identified fetal unprovoked shark attacks on humans (that should make you scare of sea). It is believed that sea snakes evolved from land snakes in Australia, the place where deadly animals go camping. The venom of stonefish can cause respiratory paralysis which can lead to heart failure. The great in their name is less statement of positivity and more a … Top 10 Most Beautiful Eyes Female Celebrities. That is why we are here to introduce you to 10 most dangerous sea animals that can harm you.

dangerous deep sea creatures

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