Rarely-seen photos of Allied soldiers using amphibious craft and a duck board bridge to cross the River Rhine in the final stages of World War Two have been documented in a new book 75 … Troops of Allied 1st and 9th Armies await signal to follow advance platoons that crossed the Ruhr earlier. German … Dead German soldiers in Juelich. The Rhine was a serious obstacle. Long shot of Jeeps of the US 9th Army crossing the Rur river (small river in western Germany, not to be confused with the Ruhr). River-crossing operations are highly complex by nature, requiring careful planning, tight cooperation between infantry, engineers, and artillery, and time to prepare. General Omar N. Bradley, commander of the U.S. 12th Army Group, anticipated that as the Germans retreated, they would … Plans for the ambitious river crossing had begun almost six months previously. Troops pass through Linnich. The powerful images tell the story of Operation … M4 Sherman tanks fire guns at the river edge. Through misty conditions, troops of 104th Infantry Division, 415th Regiment, carry assault craft and begin crossing the river … But in … RARE photographs of Allied soldiers fighting their way across the River Rhine to bring an end to the Second World War have been released. Although American, British and French forces had occupied most of Germany west of the Rhine, they remained unable to cross the

crossing the ruhr river

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