I have been so excited to use these as I know they have such good reviews. IT WAS!!! Resare (1 review written), I used about 10 of the strips and then my teeth started hurting on the next couple of times. Beware of that by the way - there are lots on ebay that have expired. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. I have used these strips for 8 days and now I see just how discoloured they were! by I look forward to more updates and will be returning. Definitely ordering again!! These strips have giving me so much more confidence due to them making my teeth shades & shades whiter! I am ordering more now after 2 years to brighten my teeth a bit… The advanced seal helps keep the strips attached so I usually just spend the 30 minute treatment time on the phone :) Getting them in the UK can be difficult I have noticed a lot of fakes on Ebay, I use… They are so simple and in two weeks my teeth are (after twenty years) actually looking really white. With the next application of the strips my heart was pumping at a rate I've never experiences. My teeth are really white and I get complimented a lot on them! " The best strips on the market! " I even wiped my mouth of saliva with Kleenex, when I used their product, so none would get on my lips. See 125 member reviews and photos. I bought their product to whiten my teeth and followed their directions perfectly. Read Full Review. These products have to be applied to the teeth and be activated by some form of laser, heat, or light. have got very sensative though but im sure this will go… Be sure to use a good mouth wash to keep your gums and teeth strong and healthy and a good toothpaste with the strips on a regular basis. Great product. Most of the commonly available take-home products or over-the-counter products come with very little or no peroxide to help clean the teeth. 4 min read. Read More, " Read Full Review, I used Crest Whitestrips Classic in 2007. Would recommend 100%!… DO NOT use this product! by Crest 3d whitening strips are much sticker. They were disclosures again from curry/tea etc. One of the best drugstore teeth whitening strip sets, this peroxide-free formula will take on stains and win - in one week. I can already see the whiteness coming through and i cant wait to see the end results. I always get complimented on the bright whiteness of my teeth and people can't believe that it costs me less than £40 for a full course. Then I got really busy and didn't use them. Disappointed. Experience excellent lighting at a low price. I became extremely nervous and terrified. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Crest 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips 20 Treatments + Crest 3D White 1 Hour Express Whitestrips 2 Treatments - Teeth Whitening Kit at Amazon.com. Read Full Review. all I can come up with is that I started using these whitening strips. Read Full Review, I had my teeth professionally whitened over ten years ago. Written on: 31/01/2013 Almost all people who used it, claim that it is one of the quickest, when it comes to the results, on the market. by Read Full Review, Written on: 01/04/2012 I used it Friday and was starting to get a headache… Great result great buy. No pain, sensitivity or headaches. I couldn't go to work on Monday. Like the person above, I'm going to stop and see if my headache goes away. To calculate the top 5's we take the following factors into account: “After using the strips for few times I started having...”, “i read all these reviews and wasnt sure but brought...”, “Just finished my very first session of Crest...”, “ok i was the last person to write a review below. My teeth are several shades lighter already. I had a problem with the order and they helped me solve it, they solved it more for me. Great customer service. (3 reviews written), I am someone who takes care of my appearance and especially my teeth. I ordered these as a Christmas present for my daughter so I can't comment on the product, but first class delivery from crest whitening strips, I was a little sceptical at ordering as a lot of other companies selling them seem to be from Hong Kong, but these arrived a few days after I ordered, so I can definitely recommend them. My teeth have gone through so much and were looking dark cream. (1 review written), easy to use and fine taste… " This Crest whitening kitis fast and effective “Great product! I used these and people asked me what I did to keep from that white. Read Full Review, " Would highly recommend! " Wonderful people. Me and my boyfriend have used these for 5 days in a row and seen no difference. Crest Whitestrips whitening kit reviews. Get your white spot on your lip tattooed to match your natural colour? And they actually work—25,000 reviews on Amazon and a five star average can't be wrong. My teeth are a lot better looking but they are still yellow so im quite… But again, I didn't use them until this week-end. bathnero My teeth have gone through so much and were looking dark cream. Arrived quickly and as described. Rubbish IMHO. Brilliant company. So nice to be able to get a fast response to questions asked. I am now on day 10 out of a 14 day trial and my teeth look really nice and white. I understand they are suppose to make your teeth sensitive but again have felt no change, we will continue to use them for the full 10 days however will not be re purchasing if there is no difference. I have family in the States and they always rave about them, but living in the UK, It's been difficult for me to give them a proper try. My Teeth went from autumn leaf yellow to magnolia wall white in days. Advertisement. I… I have used the strips (2 weeks worth) three times over the last three years and my dentist has not noticed any damage to my teeth at all. Read Full Review, Written on: 23/12/2012 (1 review written), Have sworn by this product for years - you get the same results as laser whitening at a fraction of the cost! The Crest whitening kit comes with 20 regular treatments and two express whitening treatments as a free bonus. (1 review written), I started using the crest range after a friend brought some back for herself from the states. The strips are clear and your teeth feel really sticky when you take the strips off but its nothing a quick brush can't deal with. But somehow when I used it… I got my whole family using these and now they also use them. Read Full Review, ok i was the last person to write a review below. stingmewing01 (1 review written). So if you position incorrectly; you can peel it back but you will feel a strong tug.

crest whitening strips reviews

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