By comparison, in the U.S., 4 th year students are considered to be in their final year of medical school. The arrangement of an elective is handled directly by the individual medical school. Find out more. Direct contact with patients begins in the first year and increases as students progress through the four-year program. Costs and entry requirements can be found on medical school websites. Program Overview. This eight-week clinical experience places students in a resource-scarce medical setting, at one of MSIH’s partner institutions. Medical schools vary as to whether they host electives for visiting students, including international students. Please note all applicants must live in Nova Scotia for one full year prior to the application deadline for the International Medical Graduate (IMG) Clerkship positions. Canadian Medical Students. For MSIH students, this is a highlight of their studies. The Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ottawa is pleased to offer Clerkship clinical elective placements to medical students from Canadian universities as well as Canadian medical students enrolled in international undergraduate medical programs listed and approved in the World Directory of Medical Schools. Students applying to participate in the International Visiting Students Program must be in their final year of medical school. At the Faculty of Medicine, students are exposed to rich experiences which enhance their learning and increase their knowledge in medical education. Most international medical schools' MD degree programs range from four to six years. IMGClerkships provides USMLE prep courses and Clinical Clerkships for International Medical Students to practice in the US International Medical Graduate Clerkship - HOME 12Asset 1imgcpure2 There are no exceptions to this requirement. Admission requirements; Application process; Pathway to Licensure [PDF 99 KB] IMG Clerkship - Additional Information. One of the exiting MSIH-Columbia connections is the availability to Columbia University medical students to participate, along with MSIH students, in their 4th year international clerkship.

clerkship for international medical students

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