This study investigated the effects of solidification/stabilization (S/S) variables on visible and near-infrared (vis-NIR) spectral reflectance of solidified/stabilized low-temperature thermally desorbed (pre-treated) oil-based drill cuttings. Study of physico-mechanical properties of concretes based on palm kernel shells originating from the locality of Haut Nkam in Cameroon. This paper evaluates the shear strength of simply supported palm kernel shell (PKS) concrete and normal weight concrete (NWC) beams subjected to four-point loading. July/August 2018. November 2017. Author(s): The 3-D model in civil engineering can present enormous gains across all stages of construction whether it is earthmoving, excavation, compacting, piping, or finishing. Get more information on our. Sustainable reuse of pre-treated drill cuttings (a hazardous waste) as part substitute for fine aggregate in concrete for construction purposes is becoming increasingly attractive; however, issues remain. Mixed reality (MR) technology has attracted increasing interest in the architecture and construction industry since the commercial availability of head-mounted MR devices in 2016. Water samples collected each month were examined for their physiochemical and bacteriological attributes. Check out our engineering articles. Aside from the basic components used for its manufacture (water, cement, fine and coarse aggregates), other components such as fly ash, blast furnace slag and superplasticizers are incorporated. Author(s): In 2018 and ahead, constructible 3-D models, otherwise known as Building Information Models (BIM) will become vital in helping builders implement information-rich 3-D models. Building Information Models Will Make Powerful Impact in Civil Engineering. Aminu Lawan Abdullahi and Angela Lee, Towards enhancing sustainable reuse of pre-treated drill cuttings for construction purposes by near-infrared analysis: A review. In this research, ultrasonic pulse velocity (UPV) and crushing strength tests were carried out. This study is based on the use of palm kernel shells as aggregate in the manufacture of concrete. December 2017. FWS has 16 years of experience serving customers with the most reliable and cost-efficient civil engineering services. Automated machine guidance system will help contractors to keep the benefits of high ROI because it eliminates operator fatigue and the need for dedicated on-site staff to verify the grade. 3D printing is still in the infancy despite its inception in the 80's. To remove heavy metals, a variety of conventional treatment technologies have been tested which are not economical and user friendly. Author(s): Author(s): The accessibility to machine control and site positioning can open new avenues to undertake more projects without additional staffing or heavy equipment and will find mass acceptance. Author(s): Manila, Philippines – The Civil Engineering (CE) board exam results November 2018 including the complete list of passers, top 10 examinees, top performing schools, performance of … 0. Erhimona Okiemute Grace and Andrew John, Modeling of compressive strength of concrete using pulse velocity values from a non-destructive testing of concrete. Author(s): Integrative transport systems are relatively unknown concept and therefore, only implemented to a certain extent. This work deals with optimization of seismic rehabilitation for regular pre-code reinforced concrete buildings. The research was conducted in three major towns across three regions namely the Volta, Greater Accra and Eastern regions of Ghana. In the past, 3-D models were used as a primary visualization tool to showcase the rendering of the civil engineering projects. Using printing technology to fabricate engineering materials and components from digital models is a boon for contractors and design experts because it allows project completion at short TAT. Advanced site positioning systems are fitted with automatic machine control options to speedily complete the task of grading and pounding without a surveyor. It was argued that either the construction industry to continue to be conservative and inefficient on the premise that it was distinctive or it should have opened-up to learn lessons from the best practices models in other sectors like manufacturing. Also, the mixed reality (MR) based applications will gather momentum as augmented reality (AR) sees further advancements. March 2018. However, finite element (FE) techniques used for analysis of large displacement and deformation problems use the true stress-true strain of materials in its structural characterisation. It is argued that facilities built according to the GBPs, called green buildings are not only environmentally friendly, but also, economically more productive than other comparable ordinary ones. Abbreviation: J. Civ. October 2018. The resulting fatigue deterioration is of great importance in pavement construction and must be correctly understood in order to ensure adequate structural design. From new mathematical models for building better structures to new corrosion-resistant composites, read all the latest discoveries in civil engineering here. The machine productivity data is constantly aggregated by maps, apps, and other timesheet applications. Seyed M. Khatami, O. Rezaei Far and S. Karimi, Integrative transport and modal interchanges: A social sustainable approach towards urban migration. as per the unique client demands. Utilization of natural and industrial mineral admixtures as cement substitutes for concrete production in Jordan. This paper presents nonlinear numerical simulation of air blast loading with an over pressure level (500 kg TNT) with a different standoff distance of 10, 20, and 50 m to evaluate the effectiveness of Fluid Viscous Dampers (FVD) as new strengthening techniques to reduce blast loading responses on the existing reinforcement concrete buildings. Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Author(s): The growth of 3-D models, UAV data analysis, and mixed reality is spearheading innovation for real-time information sharing, information collaboration, and better gains. Joseph Ignatius Teye Buertey, Samuel Wilberforce Offei, Theophilus Adjei Kumi and Felix Atsrim, Reliability assessment of reinforced concrete columns designed by Egyptian code. Result shows that, up to transition fines content, compression behavior of the mixtures is mainly controlled by the sand grains. This paper investigated construction materials-batching behaviour of artisans in the informal construction sector in Ghana. The paper reports results of study on standard masonry mortar containing sand and sawdust as aggregates in a mix proportion of 1:3 and water-cement ratio of 0.55. The main purpose of a building is to ensure thermal comfort to its occupants.

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