This is an observatory-grade astrophotography mount. Celestron's new weightlifter: the CGX-L mount. To ensure e asy transport and setup two mount handles were built into the mount. The Celestron CGX-L is a robust, computerized equatorial mount with an impressive 75-lb payload capacity. It is the only Celestron equatorial mount that is not computer controlled, so it is particularly attractive to those who prefer to "do it themselves." A good, sturdy mounting is one of the most fundamental Consider that the equivalent Vixen GP2 mount with an aluminum tripod costs $700 at Optics Planet and an Orion SkyView Pro mount with tripod costs $380 (with shipping extra) from Orion. 今回のセレストロンセールの中で、中川が特におすすめと感じた製品を中川目線でご紹介するコーナーです。 セレストロン Omni CG-4赤道儀 <本製品のスペック> ドイツ式赤道儀 搭載可能重量:約5.5 三脚:ステンレススチール三脚(伸縮式) 付属品:カウンターウエイ Thanks Trevor for the review. Celestron Omni XLT 120 telescope: Full review The Celestron Omni XLT 120 boasts a first-class finish, offering the serious skywatcher clear, magnified … Unfortunately, that means shipping to California and being without a mount for several weeks. The Celestron CG-5’s black coatings and fully encased motor and computer control panels give it a solid look. Damian Peach tries out Celestron's new heavy-duty equatorial mount and discovers why it is a strong and steady powerlifter. Mount Ergonomics – Celestron really paid attention to ergonomics when designing the CGX Mount. The CG-4 is an outstanding value. The 50mm diameter brushed stainless steel tripod legs and cast metal spreader all make for a strong, stable platform. Celestron support has been very quick to respond on this issue and wants me to send it in for repair.

celestron cg4 mount review

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