Building supply starts with understanding regulations. For example, in Meals & Beverages, for the week ending March 21, more cases were ordered than the entire month of March 2019. "We're seeing low crop yields on carrots. But first, procurement departments must address data and culture change. This quick-adaptation and collaboration with suppliers has been key to our supply chain team’s ability to meet the increased demand. No visitors are allowed on-site; and we’ve suspended plant tours and closed onsite stores to the public. Compared to a year ago, the weekly case order was up 366%. "We are all disappointed with the results of C-Fresh, and we acknowledge that they are unacceptable," DiSilvestro said. We know retailers, consumers and communities across North America are depending on us for food and we’re committed to ensuring the food supply remains strong. The health and safety of our people has been and continues to be our top priority. We're seeing lower manufacturing yields. The company already added 20% more capacity to the Goldfish production lines at its Willard, Ohio, plant and is currently adding capacity for Cape Cod and … Thinking outside the box to meet important needs. Over the past few weeks, our Meals & Beverages and Snacks divisions have seen a large volume of orders. But other products are still behind. From our family to yours, have a safe and happy Thanksgiving. The free newsletter covering the top industry headlines, By signing up to receive our newsletter, you agree to our, Press release from CMX (ComplianceMetrix), Despite its name, Campbell Soup CEO says it's more than 'a one-trick pony', The emerging wave of procurement and spend-management technology, Planting the seeds of a cannabis supply chain, What we know about Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine distribution plan, Cargo rollovers rise as Maersk rolls more than 1 in 3 shipments in October, Walmart boosts last-mile delivery tech with M&A, UPS amps up dry ice production to ready coronavirus vaccine distribution, How to Improve Driver Safety and Fleet Efficiency, Minimize Equipment Downtime and Deliver Help With Augmented Reality, How B2C Capabilities Enhance B2B Supply Chains. Twitter. Tariffs on the raw materials were proposed months ago … While some costs can be transferred to the price of the good, there's a limit to how much consumers are willing to pay for a can of soup. For our front-line teams, we have put strong measures in place to maintain the health environment of our plants and distribution centers, including: Social distancing guidelines are shared on the walls of our plant in Maxton, North Carolina, where we make soups and broths. We have an incredibly important role to play in this crisis and in our communities. We’re hiring employees to meet this increased demand. Discover announcements from companies in your industry. CMX to Help Enable Integrated Quality Management and Assurance Across Inspire Brands' Supply... WSI Partners with Syngenta to Open New Agriculture Crop Protection Product Facility in Counc... Multiplying Amazon river ports open new Brazil-to-China commodities routes, Port of Seattle approves terminal upgrade in $3.7 billion 2021 budget, Holidays, long weekends bring thieves to trucking yards, Using Agile Supply Chain Planning to Build Resiliency in 2021 and Beyond, Preparing the Manufacturing Supply Chain for a Post-2020 World, Using Transparency to Build Resilient, Risk-Averse Supply Chains, Challenge Your Business to Be Better: Make the Jump to Lydia Voice™. on Having recognized shortfalls in the size, agility, and knowledge base of its supply-chain workforce, the consumer-packaged-goods (CPG) mainstay had last year begun leveraging information technology to reinvent its supply chain team and processes. Increased demand. The company said it saw double-digit increases in the cost of steel and aluminum. The Index is a methodology developed by Supply Chain Insights LLC, in cooperation with the Operations Research Team at Arizona State University (ASU), to gauge supply chain improvement. With the increased demand, our supply chain teams quickly stepped up to adapt production schedules, increase manufacturing and adjust the variety of products produced. While probably best known for canned soup, Campbell has also ventured into the perishable goods sector, with its Campbell Fresh division, spawning the need for temperature-controlled transportation. Protocols to identify potential exposure following the CDC’s guidance on quarantines. … During the period of 2006-2012, Campbell Soup Company outperformed its peer group on the Supply Chain Index. Mandatory health screenings including temperature checks before each shift. For example, in Meals & Beverages, for the week ending March 21, more cases were ordered than the entire month of March 2019. Campbell Soup Company may have an old-fashioned product line, but its supply-chain initiative is anything but. Find open jobs in our manufacturing and distribution centers, and apply to join the Campbell team. Thinking outside the box, our Procurement and Quality teams reached out to a few distilleries in our communities to collaborate on solutions. Campbell’s Soup Friends’ Lunch. ", The higher costs extend all the way to raw materials, such as steel and aluminum. Our supply chain team is working to ensure the food supply remains strong, while we take measures to protect our front-line teams. Our procurement team has undertaken a monumental effort to maintain our ingredients, packaging and other key supplies despite a number of challenges with availability and logistics. Absorbing cost increases is particularly challenging for CPG companies. In the Index, corporate progress is calculated on … While the health and safety of our people remains our top priority, the mission can’t end there. Shefali Kapadia Is it time to take a fresh look at sharing in the automotive industry? The problems at Campbell, however, go beyond the supply chain, he said. As a result of the high logistics costs of transporting fresh foods, along with other factors, Campbell Fresh saw an $19 million operating loss last quarter. Implementing social distancing best practices. "We run a compliance business and sell cannabis on the side," joked one cannabis industry expert.

campbell soup supply chain

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