Two major new editions of the Book of Mormon were published during Joseph Smith’s lifetime. Leadership & Counseling. Teaching the Book of Mormon. Activity Ideas. Gift Cards. Written by ancient prophets, it is a record of God's dealings with the ancient inhabitants of the Americas. The first edition (1830) consisted of five thousand copies and … 10% off all books sitewide (no code needed), plus buy 3 get … The Book of Mormon is a volume of holy scripture that is a companion to the Bible as a testament of the Lord Jesus Christ. Teaching Teens. The most significant of these was published … The Primary Edition of the Book of Mormon is the perfect way to encourage scripture study in your little ones! The Book of Mormon has many different editions. Get it now! Published Editions of the Book of Mormon. Editions of the Book of Mormon. Primary Edition of the Doctrine & Covenants coming November 6th, 2020! The text of this edition … The goal of textual accuracy has led later editors to earlier editions … Teaching the Doctrine & Covenants. BLACK FRIDAY SALE! Teaching the Bible. Find out why! Toys. The full text of the Book of Mormon… The perfect last minute gift! Platinum Points. But none will provide you a whole new experience like ours. Book of Mormon Editions (1830-1981) Author: Skousen, Royal. Two major goals of each published edition of the Book of Mormon have been (1) to faithfully reproduce the text; and (2) to make the text accessible to the reader. The first three editions of the Book of Mormon were produced under the general supervision of Joseph Smith. Become a Platinum Member and save.

book of mormon editions

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