This logo is also on the stand provided with the microphone. The variety isn't exactly fantastic either, with Imp sounding similar enough to Gnome to not really matter. All rights reserved. You can, of course, record your own samples and assign them as you please. If you're recording audio though, it's perfect for that. can someone help me ? Have it in front of the keyboard, and you're likely going to find it a little too far away and detecting the clatter of your keyboard. It feels hefty, with the stand particularly having a good weight to it. Needs Logitech G-Hub linked devices to take advantage of the samples and other features. 2. Sample provided by Blue for review purposes. It's not a great deal more. Pre-built into the software for the Blue Yeti X World of Warcraft Edition are five pre-made World of Warcraft and six other random voice settings to change how you sound. The materials are all of very high quality which extends throughout the microphone as a whole. It feels like if you knocked it over, it could take a fair beating. World of Warcraft Welcome Back Weekend Announced. The stand is solid and supports the mice perfectly... ... however, it gets in the way if placed in front of the keyboard and picks up clatter if behind - needs a boom arm ideally. Programming keys and lighting requires Logitech G HUB software. From my listening to them as I've recorded myself, as well as having tested them online with others on Discord, they need some fine-tuning. Using the Logitech G-Hub, you have the ability to change the colour to whatever you like, as well as fixed or breathing lighting settings. As for the rest, you're getting what is already widely known as a great microphone. Let's find out. Using the Logitech G-Hub, you have the ability to change the colour to whatever you like, as well as fixed or breathing lighting settings. What I will say is that the pre-built in modulation effects aren't great. If you place it in front of the keyboard and then reaching it for typing is going to be difficult, with it getting in the way, one way or another. Blue VO!CE for Yeti X is available in Logitech G HUB ( and Blue Sherpa ( desktop apps. Keeping it simple, the recording quality is fantastic, my voice sounding considerably better and clearer than my previous recordings and podcasts made using the headset of my Sennheiser GSP 670. When it comes to microphones, the Blue range of devices will always be one that comes to mind. Whether the design, audio modifiers and samples are worth the extra $30, that's down to you and your wallet. Streamers can also match the color and design of their desks by personalizing the color of Yeti X’s LED lights. World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Review in Progress – A New Beginning. I did uninstall the blue yeti drive from devices a few times and used a different USB port. Is it something strong or not? But Blue’s new microphone really sets itself apart from its predecessor the moment you plug it in and see the device light up with a flurry of LED dots around its volume knob. So yes, this is more than just a Blue Yeti X with a few runes and "World of Warcraft" etched into it, with a different design. The button and dial for selecting the mode and input gain (volume) are of a good size, though the dial could do with being a little more tactile. I did uninstall/install Logitech hub few times and deleted the Logitech folder from Roaming and PF. From quick one-liners or sentences from the likes of Sylvanas or Thrall, the sound of a spell casting, to the squeal of a Quillboar to the unmistakable garble of a Murloc. For latest tech news in your inbox, once a day! It's impossible not to recommend the Blue Yeti X or in this case the Blue Yeti X World of Warcraft Edition, for somebody wanting a quality microphone. 1. As for the quality of the microphone's build, it's fantastic. Blue have announced that their new Yeti X condenser microphone will be the first integrated with Logitech's G-Hub software kit. Or, I should say, my mechanical keyboard. Is anyone at Logitech listening to the feedback? I'll start by saying I've left feedback through G HUB's in-app feedback a number of times. The new peripheral has a slick two-tone look that consists of a slimmer black body and a layer of shiny silver that coats the microphone grille and base. Go to the blue website look for Yeti X go to downloads and you need to download and install Sherpa it will now show up in Ghub. I find the problem the same thing happens to me on mac I can't find anything, I have the same issue on Mac, I tried everything but still it's not connected...Can anyone help? 1. A wealth of World of Warcraft specific features, particularly hundreds of audio samples. Blue VO!CE is accessible exclusively through Logitech’s free, easy-to-use G HUB platform, enabling content creators to manage mic gain, headphone volume, monitoring preferences, and pickup pattern selections right from their desktop. I have the same issue, really there is no answer from Logitech on this one?? As an Amazon Associate, may earn from qualifying purchases. Some of the extra voice modulations sound average-at-best. AVAILABLE IN BLUE SHERPA & LOGITECH G HUB Accessible through the Blue Sherpa and Logitech G HUB platforms, Blue VO!CE software lets you apply real-time effects right from your desktop, providing precise control over your on-stream sound. I'm having this problem on Mac. And while that software didn't see the mic, instantly it installed something that made G HUB see the mic!!!! Deathknight, I suppose, though that wouldn't be too far from Demon. For what time I used the stand, there was no sign of it toppling over in the slightest. Another feature of the G-Hub software linking with this microphone is a collection of samples that can be assigned to any hotkey of your liking. I did uninstall the blue yeti drive from devices a few times and used a different USB port, Both options didn't work either 1-2 or 2-1 I still get "Not Connected", I am not sure now what to do, it was working fine previously. please. One of the Yeti X’s biggest selling points is that it’s fully customizable via Logitech’s G Hub software, from the microphone’s sound quality and voice modes, to its array of LED lights. Some posts on may contain affiliate links. The Blue Yeti X World of Warcraft Edition is an excellent USB-microphone, perfect for those looking for a high-end streaming, podcast, or general recording microphone. Maybe I expected a bit more than could be delivered, are there any other World of Warcraft voices that could have logically been created? my G hub shows me the blue yeti x but tells me is not connected? Immediately looking at the microphone, you can see the work that's gone into the Blue Yeti X World of Warcraft Edition to make it feel like something that is World of Warcraft. One side has World of Warcraft etched in gold, with the Blue logo and emblem on the opposite side. It never end up. When I was offered the opportunity to review the new Blue Yeti X World of Warcraft Edition, as I will also be reviewing World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, I was naturally going to take it on and take a vocal tour of Azeroth, as well as letting people hear my lovely voice in our Wccf Talks podcast. Great software support that's easy to install and use. I've restarted a ton of times and tried different layouts/setups and G HUB now sees it everytime. I have the same problem, G hub shows me it downloading all the time. They're incredibly popular, and even before I was using a dedicated mic, my google searches always led me to them. The question then is how does the Blue Yeti X World of Warcraft Edition stand up as a microphone and also how does it tie-in to World of Warcraft? © 2020 NewAge ADS, LLC. The base features a gold-coloured rim with a wide variety of runes from World of Warcraft engraved into a base which makes them truly stand out. You also have the ability to create your own presets, giving you a near-infinite amount of variety, only limited by your creativity and just how annoying you want to sound. This same grey and gold are used on the rest of the microphone. So, if you're streaming and want a few soundbites straight from World of Warcraft, there are hundreds. I've said a few times how I don't use the stand. It's the options that come with the microphone, linked with the now-used Logitech G-Hub software, that can be the difference-maker for your audio recordings. I genuinely think the design is better, and the samples are something extra that isn't available to other customers. Naturally, the one I kept attached, after some experimenting, was the Murloc. Using the Logitech G-Hub, you have the ability to change the colour to whatever you like, as well as fixed or breathing lighting settings. The simple reason is that a microphone with a stand like that isn't ideal for using a microphone and your keyboard at the same time. The Yeti X is a sleeker, more premium-looking version of its predecessor.

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