Pumpernickel … Add to trolley. Biona Organic Pumpernickel Bread is traditionally made in Germany by organic bakers. Pumpernickel bread. Learn more It is crammed full of crunchy, nutty wholegrains which are an essential part of a healthy, fibre-rich diet. Product information. Description. Established in 1927, the bakery uses traditional artisan skills-freshly grinding the grains just before baking to create loaves … This bread is made for Biona by a family-owned bakery in Muensterland, Germany. Organic, Wheat … Biona Organic Pumpernickel Bread Sliced 500g (23)Leave a review. Add to trolley. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. LIFE 1m + £2.35 47p per 100g.

biona pumpernickel bread

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