This translates to the shortest ingredient list of any ice cream in our test: Cream, Skim Milk, Sugar, Cocoa (processed with Alkali), Egg Yolks. Baskin-Robbins' mint chocolate chip ice cream. While Blue Bell and Häagen-Dazs were close in flavor and texture, we found pretty big differences in the ice creams we bought. We decided that the best way to compare brands would be to test them by the quality of the most classic ice cream flavor: chocolate. Just to remind you: This test was blind—we didn't even look at the ingredients until writing this article—but all of us were able to recognize the artificial flavor and highly processed nature of this ice cream. Sign Up For Our Email Newsletter And Get The Inside Scoop! It's almost impossible to scoop, yet as soon as it's in a bowl it melts into a pudding in a matter of minutes. Based on this list of flavors, it looks like it could do a lot. If you're a conscious shopper that investigates what's in the stuff you buy, you would probably stay away from this. Some would go so far as to say we made an instant classic. It must be doing something right. The dark chocolate shavings make this a winner to us, but they also add a fruity Belgian chocolate flavor. Search, Error! Despite being sold in a limited number of states, Blue Bell is the fourth highest-selling ice cream brand in the United States as a whole. Blue Bell Dutch Chocolate. Blue Bell Dutch Chocolate One tester commented that she could eat an entire pint of this milky chocolate ice cream. We all agreed this was a rich, smooth ice cream. Its chocolate flavor is intense but very artificial. That’s why we took all the S’mores ingredients and put them in a pint. In recent years, their reputation has taken a hit with consumers. There comes a time in every man’s life when he says, “It’s time I packed a pint with more chunks than ever before!” For Ben and Jerry, that time came when they created this mix of chocolate ice cream with white and dark fudge chunks and a mix of nuts. Error! You can taste fresh milk but we wanted a little more chocolate. We'd say Private Selection Chocolate is a stubborn ice cream. You could probably eat a whole tub of this and still not satisfy your chocolate craving. Please try again. Unfortunately, they don't add any chocolate flavor. We have two somewhat odd-ducks in the form of Häagen-Dazs Belgian Chocolate, and Talenti Double Dark. A gelato typically has less fat content than ice cream, uses more milk than cream, and has more eggs (yes, I looked that up). It's easy to scoop without melting within a few minutes. Do you love chocolate? We taste-tested 50 store-bought flavors, from chocolate ice cream to caramel cookie crunch, in the GH Test Kitchen to pick the best ice creams for dessert. As you would expect (and if you care), it's denser than ice cream. No, this isn’t a dream. Find us at @benandjerrys on Twitter and let us know! My mother-in-law wasn't a fan of the shavings and the flavor is definitely not 'classic chocolate'.That makes Breyers our favorite chocolate ice cream. My mother-in-law described it as eating wax. Look who’s in the freezer! It's by no means an artisanal ice cream. Incorrect captcha response. Just pure cocoa flavor. Perhaps it will help you decide if you prefer a classic chocolate ice cream or something a little more 'sophisticated'. Our final two ice creams are a bit different. There's a real chocolate taste here, albeit very mild. We all enjoyed it tremendously. We’ve got Mint Chocolate Cookie Balls and we’re not afraid to use them! Target Market Pantry Chocolate Ice Cream: $2.99 2. … We combined these three ingredients with a chocolate base and came up with one minty masterpiece. Search. Kemps Old Fashioned … By no means is it trying to be a dark, sophisticated-tasting chocolate. Chocolate on top of chocolate on top of chocolate. It’s safer this way. The custardy consistency makes it a stretch to call it ice cream. Kroger's Private Selection landed in the last place. This website is directed only to U.S. consumers for products and services of Ben & Jerry's Homemade, Inc. Was it you? I think it's actually way too light on the chocolate flavor altogether. Here’s our lineup: 1. Give it a try! Are you comfortable? We all enjoyed it tremendously. Is there anything it can’t do? The ingredient list is one of the shortest in this test: Milk, Cream, Sugar, Dutched Cocoa (processed with Alkali), Whey, Tara Gum, Natural Flavor. 108,490 views made by Gracie Benton. There are pieces of chocolate mixed in. The custardy consistency makes it a stretch to call it ice cream. We're testing Dutch Chocolate. Both have a very mild chocolate flavor but are equally enjoyable to eat, even without a wow-factor. What's your favorite chocolate ice cream flavor? In case it was – thank you so much! This website is not directed to consumers outside of the U.S. We all agreed Blue Bell Dutch Chocolate has a very creamy texture. Let's see if that results in a premium chocolate ice cream, shall we? We're looking for creaminess, texture, and how much it reminds us of real cocoa (obviously). Please resolve captcha before continuing. They have pieces of chocolate mixed in and they don't necessarily want to accomplish a classic chocolate flavor. Talenti Double Dark also has Vermouth as one of the ingredients, which we didn't realize when we picked it up for our test. Both have a very mild chocolate flavor but are equally enjoyable to eat, even without a wow-factor. Whether or not you're a fan of pieces in your ice cream, Häagen-Dazs brilliantly decided to go with shavings. Campfires make sense when you’re out camping, but just try starting one up in the middle of the kitchen and see how fast your roommates flip. QUIZ: The Hardest Quiz Questions We’ve Ever Asked, The Flavor Graveyard’s Most Missed Flavors. Something real chocolate fans like myself would appreciate! Häagen-Dazs ice cream holds the distinction of being one of the few commercial ice cream brands not to use stabilizers such as guar gum, xanthan gum, or carrageenan. To the point where you wonder if this is supposed to taste like this. We'd pick this any day over the classic chocolate from the same brand but if you're looking for plain chocolate, this might not be for you. Please try again later. Quite different from the classic Häagen-Dazs Chocolate we also tasted. Jeni's Darkest Chocolate This one is for the extra-dark chocolate lovers. Blue Marble Organic Chocolate Ice Cream; Breyer's Chocolate Ice Cream; Häagen-Dazs Chocolate Ice Cream; Jeni's Darkest Chocolate Ice Cream; Jeni's Milkiest Chocolate Ice Cream The same goes for peppermint and fudge swirls. It’s chocolate! Pass. Yep, plain-Jane chocolate. As for flavor: The liquor comes through big-time. As for the texture, Breyer's Chocolate is the right level of creamy. It’s our cure for what ails you. Please enter a search term. Mayfield Chocolate Ice Cream My wife found it slightly gummy. In a blind tasting, we stacked them up against each other to find the best. To settle the argument, we filled our freezer with six different brands of chocolate ice cream you can pick up at the supermarket. A lot of pride! It's the least sweet in our test (also something I appreciate), but by no means bitter. If you think of yourself as a bit more sophisticated, you should definitely give the Häagen-Dazs Belgian Chocolate a try. If you think of yourself as a bit more sophisticated, you should definitely give the Häagen-Dazs Belgian Chocolate a try.

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