This is why I got her into doing little crafts, coloring, and doing puzzles. Say What? So if your toddler takes naps try to nap when they do, or when your husband is home try to take a quick nap while he plays with the kids. So try to walk around the house, but don’t overdo it. If I can't lift without pain, what are some tips around caring for a toddler and baby? Keeping her busy not only kept her happy but also gave me some time to sit down and relax or breastfeed the baby. I know that was on my mind a lot! When it comes to how long until you can lift a toddler after a c-section, the general recommendation is to wait three to four weeks, but always speak to your OBGYN to be sure you’re cleared for lifting. And to be honest, we ended up eating out a ton because I was just so tired. Your leg muscles are stronger, and you’re less likely to injure yourself. However, I found it useful for any time I held my newborn to have a barrier between my incision and him, and also when my toddler wanted to hug me. Stairs and C-Sections Don’t Mix Well – Here’s Why: What to do When Baby Falls Asleep at the Breast? So maybe that could be an idea for your son. 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I am not supposed to lift my toddler until after seeing my doctor this week. miami_loca - October 15 : How did you moms of toddlers manage after having csections? You can read more about my disclosure policy here. This made it easier for her to know what to expect. This was very good for preventing her from jumping on me later on. This is one reason that meal planning before your delivery date is so crucial. She, of course, didn’t completely understand everything that was going to happen but had some idea. This is why most obgyns recommend that moms who’ve just had a c-section only lift things as heavy as their newborn baby. From breastfeeding woes to budgeting problems and behavior problems, along with everything in between, chances are I've faced it over the last ten years. Of course, once I got home, I had to get meals prepared, cooked and cleaned constantly. Just getting together and preparing around 4 weeks of freezer meals can really take the guessing out of dinner and give you more time out of the kitchen. This made it easier on my body and she still got the attention she needed. This is very important for promoting good blood flow and preventing blood clots. Once your doctor removes your lifting restrictions, always follow safe lifting techniques for the following weeks. Some might recommend waiting to lift for six weeks, but others suggest four weeks. After leaving the hospital, you have to start to really find balance in your life as a mom of two, but with a c-section incision and pure exhaustion, it can be hard to find out how to take care of yourself, a newborn, and an energetic toddler. If I can't lift without pain, what are some tips around caring for a toddler and baby? My RE said that if I was in the habit of lifting that much, then it wouldn't be a problem. Your body will thank you. If you can get a family member to come over and help you out for the first few days or so while you recover from a c-section delivery, take them up on it. And if you have a young toddler running around at home while you are trying to recover, it can be even more challenging. Ask your friends and family if they’d be willing to come to help you for a few hours throughout the week. Whenever you can squeeze in some rest try to. Be Prepared. My biggest accomplishment in life is being a mother of four children. So if you can’t get help during the day, take advantage of the time in the evening when your husband is home to help with taking care of the kids. I'm currently 10 weeks. He's about 30 lbs. This is where you will find all of my helpful tips for Budgeting, Motherhood, and Parenting kids with Autism without losing your sanity. One great thing I really did miss when coming home from the hospital was having my meals cooked for me. You don’t want to damage your incision in any way while healing! When can I lift my toddler and other heavy things safely? Now I didn’t ever show my daughter my incision or anything but I just explained that mommy had an owie on her tummy and to be very careful when coming up to me. It really did keep my c-section incision safe and made holding my kids more comfortable. Thanks! I had 2 c sections 10 months apart. At the time of my hospital discharge I was told that I was only allowed to lift the baby and nothing heavier than that. Type above and press Enter to search. We are lucky that the standard thing then (13 years ago) was to transfer back to local cottage hospital the day after delivery if possible, so closer for visiting. Lifting toddlers after c-section: I am 28 weeks & expecting my second child. I'm concerned about having to wait 6 weeks to lift her. I Need to Hold My Toddler, What Can I Do? Having an extra person to help you with your toddler and your newborn can give you time to rest and take care of yourself as well. I'm bad lol. However, one important thing to do after a c-section is to explain to your toddler that you are hurting and to be gentle. While you might look okay on the outside, women need to remember that we have a large wound inside of our uterus after birth. It also helps you to recover and get your body back to normal. My Baby’s Bottom Lip Quivers – Should I Be Worried? Not lifting your toddler is a particular challenge that I never enjoyed. Lifting toddler after c-section : I have a toddler around 12-13kg and I'm just around 2 weeks after my c-section. Cue heavy bleeding! Don't wait until tomorrow — Amazon Cyber Monday deals are available now. Until I actually gave birth, I didn’t really know how awesome it was and how many ways I would use it. Ideally, your partner will stay home for several weeks to help you, but that’s not always possible. Yes – But Don’t Worry! One of the best things you can do for your body after a c-section is to rest. So the most common way to use a boppy pillow, of course, is to help you set your baby in a position for breastfeeding. Here’s What’s Happening! The standard recommendation is to not lift more than 10 to 15 pounds for several weeks post-surgery. Let me just say that I love the boppy pillow. One of the first things I did when I found out I was having another c-section delivery, … Lift Toddler. Recovering from a c-section is daunting at times, and it can be particularly cumbersome when you have a toddler at home who also needs your attention. 03/26/2013 14:21 Subject: Lifting your toddler post IVF transfer. I also drove myself to fill a prescription the day I got home. This was so helpful in keeping me more comfortable to move around and keep up with my toddler. Is your toddler very active and always looking for something to do? old son when his sister gets here. I completely understand.

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