Schnell treiben aus dem schlafenden Auge Blätter. Ein Stammsteckling ist ein Stammstück mit mindestens einem schlafenden Auge. (Mixed all ingredients together in a large container, with a lid so I could save it for future uses). To check the moisture content, dip a finger into the soil about an inch deep before adding any water. We’ve put together end-to-end plant guides for several other varieties like Scarlet Begonia, Begonia Pavonina, or Begonia Maculata. The Polka dot Begonia requires high levels of humidity, which is usually a big challenge for indoor plants. However, it is originally native to Mexico, Asia, South Africa, and Central America. Der bevorzugte Standort für die Forellenbegonie ist ein halbschattiger bis schattiger Platz mit durchlässigem und nährstoffreichem Zimmerpflanzensubstrat. Make sure just the stem is in the filtered water and stays there, but not the leaf, as this can lead to problems such as mold/fungus. These beauties will thrive best when they receive bright, indirect light and water when the top of the soil feels dry. But to help with this, make sure that your pot has drainage, or leave your plant in the grow pot and set that inside of a cache pot (decor pot with no holes)! Begonia Maculata grows to about 1.5 m tall. On the upside, you will be rewarded with beautiful white to pale pink flowers late winter and throughout the spring season, and she will grow to a height of up to 1.5 meters. Remove the lower leaves and dip them in a jar of water. Taking care of the Begonia Maculata can be a big challenge because they are extremely sensitive to water. This plant undoubtedly shines as an exquisite indoor treasure. However, if you need just a few new plants, you do not have to slice the leaves up. Alternatively, you can set it in your favorite room, but make sure to place a saucer of water near it to ensure it creates the required humidity as the water evaporates. Begonia Maculatas cannot withstand frost and will wilt and die as soon as they are exposed to frost. To avoid such problems, always water your plant from the bottom rather than from the top. To keep your Begonia growing upright, a plant prop or support of some kind it need, or they tend to go a little wild. Ensure to take them indoors in time, and they will thrive and survive beautifully. If you do decide to take it outside for a little sun, make sure to bring it indoors before it gets too cold. The adaxial side of the leaf is fully green, covered in white polka dots, and the abaxial side is a striking purple-red color. Man legt es waagerecht in Erde, am besten in einen Vermehrungskasten mit Bodenwärme. They will do okay inside, but I would recommend misting, a pebble tray or a humidifier to keep this guy happy! Food jars are the ideal size for this type of propagation. For starters, the soil should be a bit damp, but not overly wet. You may have to set it in the kitchen or bathroom because these places typically have high moisture levels. Flowers usually form in single clusters and are white to pale pink. Growing the Polka dot Begonia from its seeds is harder and usually takes time. You can even use a mixture of vermiculite, peat, and perlite moss. Pflege. Here is everything you need to know. I will include all of the links to the materials at the end of this post! After six weeks, you should have your baby plants ready to be moved to your favorite pot or garden. The easiest way to propagate a Begonia Maculata is in water. When repotting it, choose a pot that is one size larger than the current one. It is advisable to bring it back indoors as soon as temperatures fall below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Begonia Maculata is a gorgeous perennial plant that, Every season is a show season for the Polka dot Begonia, though you can expect it to, The beautiful Begonia Maculata belongs to the long line of Begonia species. Young leaves are pink to maroon in color. In fact, I can confidently say overwatering is the leading killer of Begonia Maculata houseplants.

begonia maculata propagation

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