Ask Question + 100. Structure, properties, spectra, suppliers and links for: ED7400000, 10294-33-4, BBr3. It’d be cobalt (III) bromide hexahydrate, but the compound doesn’t actually exist - cobalt only forms halides in a +2 oxidation state, except in a few rare cases (such as Bromopentaamminecobalt(III) bromide [1] ). Identifiers CAS Number. Other names phosphorus(III) bromide, phosphorous bromide, tribromophosphine. Names IUPAC name. chromium bromide. 4 years ago. The benzene ring. 0 0. … Lv 4. Se is -2 In order to have a neutral compound the Sn must be +4. Remember, binary compounds end in -ide. All aromatic compounds are based on benzene, C 6 H 6, which has a ring of six carbon atoms and has the symbol: Each corner of the hexagon has a carbon atom with a … Crbr3 Name. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Background. Interactive image; ChemSpider: 23016 ECHA InfoCard: 100.029.253: EC Number: 232-178-2; PubChem CID. 0 0. Lv 4. John. Favorite Answer. 1 decade ago. 3 Answers. Chromium(III) Bromide. 1 decade ago. 7789-60-8 3D model . Naming aromatic compounds isn't quite so straightforward as naming chain compounds. Name the following chemical compounds: 41) lithium acetate LiC 2 H 3 O 2 42) iron (II) phosphate Fe 3 (PO 4) 2 43) titanium (II) selenide TiSe. 4 years ago. 1 0. radheshyam. what is the name of the ionic compound CrBr3? Can you name binary ionic compounds? Get your answers by asking now. Often, more than one name is acceptable and it's not uncommon to find the old names still in use as well. Source(s): Chem teacher. 0 0. ahmann. Lv 4. Source(s): Relevance. Answer Save. Phosphorus tribromide. 24614; RTECS number: TH4460000; UNII: 58R3866PUA CompTox Dashboard (EPA) DTXSID7064869; InChI. Start studying (set 5) Writing Chemical Formulas & Compound Names. Still have questions? chemcook. The name of the compound then is Tin(IV) selenide. … Can you write formulas for binary ionic compounds?

bbr3 compound name

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