We package and transport fingerlings to various locations in Western Australia. Kuranda Fish Farm and Water Truck - Supplier of fish fingerlings for restocking societies, farm dams and aquariums. Pre-order or pick-up your order. “We’re proud of the fact that we have underpinned the development of large barramundi industries in some of the countries where we ship fingerlings.” Mass of Barramundi / Asian Sea Bass fry , fingerlings are supplied to local fish farms in Thailand and also export to clients in Asia, Middle East, EU and USA. We also supply and deliver sea water and fresh town water. Am interested in starting barramundi culture in existing sea water ponds in india, can u help with fingerling suppliers in india JAMAL AHMED said on October 4, 2015 We are located in Canada and have top of the line solution for Indoor RAS for raising Barramundi, Tilapia and Cat Fish in USA, Entire Middle East, India and South East Asia. Year round stock of Barramundi fingerlings for your farm dam, home aquarium, aquaponics or … They are an average of 40mm in length and are currently being graded on a regular basis and are ready for sale from our quarantine facility. This offer is for boxes of 100 Barramundi fingerlings at $2.20 each. ... Barramundi Fingerlings. Chapman Valley Aquaculture has been supplying Silver Perch and fingerlings for commercial and aquaponics purposes since 2008. Further discounts are available on our site for purchases in excess of 500 fingerlings. Thailand have long experienced in Sea Bass / Barramundi culture more than 40 years and very succeed in breeding for mass supply. MainStream’s long-term genetic improvement program and fingerling supply has supported the expansion of the barramundi sector in Australia, North America, the Middle East and South East Asia. This is possible through our partnership with the world’s top feed manufacturers to develop feed for our barramundi that uses less fish meal and more plant-based raw materials. The breeding culture are all year round in Thailand. We supply stock all year round for the wholesale and retail fish markets, aquaponics and farm dams. In our ongoing effort to better serve you, we try to carry the most comprehensive line of fingerling fish and pond & lake management supplies in the industry.

barramundi fingerling suppliers

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