[1] What really sets Baja wine apart from other regions is its “wild west” approach to winemaking, as most winemakers here are not too attached to tradition. Discover this up-and-coming wine region and the wonderful wines that are made there. Irrigation is required in almost all locations in Baja, due to the hot, sunny climate. Despite this restriction, the missions became significant wine producers. The company makes a number of products in addition to wine. [7] Mission grape (Listan Prieto) vines were brought to Baja in the late 17th century to make sacramental wine. Most vineyards here lie on a similar latitude to the deserts of the northern Sahara. They produce Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon. [14], Bodegas de Santo Tomás is Baja's oldest existing winery, founded in 1791 with true commercial production beginning in 1888. Between 1699 and 1857, they produced virtually all the wine made in Mexico. These valleys all have Mediterranean-type microclimates instead of desert thanks to sea breezes and fog which comes inland from the Pacific Ocean. [1] Drought conditions from 2010 to 2015 lowered levels in wells as much as nine meters. Since then most wineries make at least one. It lists more than 60 wineries in 35 square mile area, providing updated maps. It owns about half of the 6,500 acres under wine cultivation in Baja, but it is still better known for its brandy than its wine. [4], While the quality of the wine produced here can vary widely,[3] wines from Baja tend to be richly colored and full-bodied. Many of the winemakers have experience in Europe and the western United States. [11] Around this same time, James Concannon and Antonio Perrelli-Minetti introduced several French grapes, along with Zinfandel. Contact The Dominicans founded mission and in 1843 their first vineyard in the Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe del Norte Valley. [3] These are four main valleys that extend perpendicular to the Pacific Ocean, allowing for the entrance of sea breezes and fogs to moderate otherwise desert into Mediterranean microclimates. [6], While there is grape and wine production in the interior of Mexico, northern Baja seems to be better suited to the production of more and better wines. [1][12], The renaissance of the Baja wine industry began in the 1980s, with what happened here comparable to what happened in California in the 1960s, with an emphasis on quality. [1][15] In addition, there is a Valle de Guadalupe Community Museum, on land donated by Monte Xanic,[11] as well as the wine museum that was opened by president Vicente Fox in 2012. [7] Some grape varieties such as Semillon and Viognier do not do well with saline conditions and some Syrahs can taste salty. Length of maceration and fermentation depends on the producer. Privacy Policy [3] About 90% of all Mexican wines are produced here and just about all the award-winning vintages do. Camillo Magoni of Casa Magoni winery has planted over 100 varieties himself. [1][7] The success of Monte Xanic was among younger wine drinkers, who tend to be more proud of their Mexican heritage. This was an inexpensive wine purchased in los Cabos from the well known Domecq ... ... Domecq firm's domain in Baja California. are more favored, but about all varietals are grown here except those which absolutely need cooler temperatures. Phil had a career in music in Los Angeles before coming here to make organic wines. [3] It was first in the New World to have grape vines planted. Blending grape varieties is very common including unusual combinations such as Cabernet blended with Nebbiolo or Grenache. [1], One reason for the low production is that demand for wine in Mexico is very low, although this is changing. [1][10] Even the larger, established wineries have since upgraded their product lines in response. Baja California is a state in the far northwest of Mexico, and the heartland of the Mexican wine industry. [12], Casa de Piedra is run by Hugo D'Acosta a former winemaker from the Bodega de Santo Tomas and founded of a local school for winemakers.

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