The way bulan aka moon kite faces from left to right and features a bit longer tails than its predecessor. It portrays the world’s highest flying bird, wild goose, that can rise up to 8,850 meters. Today we have compiled list of some popular airline logos of the world … By browsing the airline logos in this article, you’ll probably notice some patterns. It first appeared in January 1947. The logo for US Airways was designed by Luxon Carrá and Deskey Associates, and in 2005 the company adopted grey as their representative color. The logo of Japan Airlines (JAL) was designed in 1958 by Jerry Huff. Don’t forget to check them out after reading this article. In 2011 the logo won the “Visual Expression Design” award at the Beijing Design Week. The logo of Hawaiian Airlines is unique on this list because it’s the only one that features a person instead of an animal or an abstract plane. The new logo features the traditional heart symbol that was used in old Southwest logos. Check out these logos and use the design language that speaks to you. Silhouettes often work well in logo design, which is the case with the Ryanair logo. Pan American World Airways Logo. The abstract of the letter U in red, blue and white underwent three updates during 38 years of its existence. The logo, which you see above, is a slightly redesigned version of the logo that was originally created by Lindon Leader in 2001. Despite Ga lot of tinkering, the logo itself has remained virtually unchanged. China Southern Airlines is a relatively young company, so its logo history started in 1984. The logo of the largest airline in Europe appears to be the world’s oldest airline logo. By paying off oil money, you can buy a football world cup!! A article means nothing compar to that! The current design, in my opinion, looks a lot cleaner and has a modern look. Garuda Indonesia’s logo hasn’t changed in years. The Arabic logo is written on three levels from the right to the left and is placed above the English word. Inspired by a mythical creature called Dandu Monara Yanthra in the country, the logo has struck an appealing chord with the natives. The logo has taken inspiration from the 1971 original logo. Airline Seating Charts. These are here just to inspire you. The colors symbolize vigor and progress, and the Konark wheel is believed to be from the chariot of the sun god. Launched in 1979, it’s by far the largest airline in Sri Lanka. The choice of kapok as a symbol for the airline is explained by the fact that it is also the city flower of Guangzhou where the company is headquartered. According to Sri Lankan folk tales, a flying machine similar to a peacock once existed, and it was called the Dandu Monara Yanthra. The blue color is reminiscent of the Argentinian flag. Apart from the logo, Air India also has a mascot called the Maharajah, which was created by Bobby Kooka and Umesh Rao in 1946 and recently modified to look less traditional and more modern and hipster-ish. Southwest Airlines’ logo is still fresh – the rebranding was done in September 2014, and the logo was developed in cooperation with GSD&M, Lippincott, VML, Razorfish, and Camelot Communications. I really love how the traditional icons from around the country were incorporated to put together an unusual and striking design. The recent update of the Deutsche Lufthansa logo resulted in a slimmer bird and a thinner ring, which fits the digital world perfectly well. The new insignia was a huge step in the right direction, which improved consumer brand perceptions. 8,149 files in 17 albums and 1 categories with 0 comments viewed 4,246,969 times The heart icon is not the only element in the Southwest Airlines logo. The Delta Airlines logo, also known as “the widget logo”, was designed by Lippincott Mercer and introduced in April 2007. Airline logos. It is obviously a hint at the airline’s name and origins. Although I’m not the one in charge of updating it, I’ll make sure your suggestions get included in future revisions. The first symbol was just a kapok flower. In 2013 they restored it in its usual place as the logo with this image really has a kind of personality and expresses the concept of flying well. Sketch is a modern graphics design app for macOS that took the world by storm after its release in 2010. Where Do Roots of Most Popular Money Logo Lead? Like many airline logos, the Singapore Airlines logo features a bird. Remember to not blatantly copy any logo. Military Movies. The logo is a monochrome interpretation of the US national flag. The Delta Air Lines logo has evolved from the image of a flying cloud wearing a helmet to the triangle “widget” we are used to seeing today. The symbol in the logo is called Taegeuk, and it stands for the “ultimate reality from which everything is derived”. It uses the Neo Sans typeface, and the stylized bird is actually a condor; a bird typically found in Argentina. They changed the logo on their Facebook page to grey, which was badly received by their social media audience who interpreted it as a sign of tragedy. Aer Lingus is an Irish airline company with a logo that dates back to 1938, when the original shamrock symbol was designed by Robert Logan. At first, the organization was called American Airways, but after 1934 it was renamed American Airlines. Qantas Logo. If you’ll look closely, the words ‘Malaysia’ and ‘airlines’ are written in a similar font as that found in Singapore Airlines’ logo. At present the China Southern Airlines logo depicts the red kapok flower adoring a blue tail fin and the wordmark “China Southern Airlines” to the right of it. With that out of the way, let’s get to our list of popular airline logos! It’s possible that this mythical creature inspired the airline logo. On the whole, global air traffic is represented by hundreds of logos. It was designed by Han Meilin in 1988, and the current logo was made by Dongdao Design in 2007. Free PC Flight Games. In 2017 Hawaiian Airlines had a rebrand which was accomplished by the New-York-based design company Lippincott. Its size is small, due to which it looks like a punctuation mark. Their symbols represents different cultures and traditions that are rare and unique. 21. Airline branding is a serious thing as billions of dollars are put on the line. A lot of peoples are enjoying quiz games that allow users to guess the correct Airline logo and award points. But you don’t have to be a professional designer to have an interest in airline logos. The logo is full of symbolism, with the phoenix standing for luck, beauty, harmony and happiness, and the red color symbolizing enthusiasm and passion of the airline’s workers. It’s an abstraction of a flying eagle in traditional American colors – red, blue and white. I don’t get it how a text logo and a text-goat logo can get two top spots on this list. Founded in 1993, Hainan Airlines’ logo is unique in its own right. Such a commitment to a century old design is explained by the fact that in the company’s view the bird symbolizes fascinating capabilities ‒ speed, mobility, endurance and world-wide connections. It’s been rated number 1 in another best looking list. The wordmark has also got a refresh with a new typeface and the word “airlines” is now displayed in the lowercase. Another airline’s logo that has found a safe spot in this extensive roundup is from SriLankan Airlines. In the Aztec society, eagles were considered symbols of the Sun, and eagle warriors were among the most respected and fearsome members of the army. That is a renownew symbol rated 1st or 2nd in other airline lists. Another combination of red and white, Air Canada’s logo was presented in October 2004 and designed by FutureBrand Worldwide. Air India’s logo represents a red flying swan with the wheel of Konark sun temple painted in orange on the swan’s spread-out wing. There are over 5,000 airlines with ICAO codes. The logo is a depiction of ancient patterns that were designed to reflect the nation’s diversity. The only one logo which I cannot understand is PNG AIR, I don’t know why it is not appealing to my eyes. The Alaska Airlines logo is a wordmark-based logo, so the airline has always given a lot of consideration to the typeface, the color and the arrangement of the words. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Copyright © 2016-2019 All rights reserved. Henrion in 1961. Royal Brunei Airlines Logo. See more ideas about airline logo, airlines, logos. Jan 30, 2020 - If you are going to take airline logos quiz, you must go through this post of 40 popular and beautifully designed airline logos with name and pictures. Aug 4, 2015 - Airlines logos around the world and around time. Many logos feature traditional symbols and national colors. Many people enjoy playing quiz games in which they try to guess as many popular airline logos as possible. Millions of users across the world will witness airline logo on airplane, flights, airports, advertisements, banners, newspapers, tv, social media platforms and other advertisement platforms as well. It took British Airways more than ten years to find out that the simple wordmark that used to be the British Airways logo since 1973 was not a good look. EgyptAir’s logo is inspired by the ancient Egyptian mythology, from which it draws the image of Horus, or rather his head. Though it was “overly British” due to the red and blue colors, the airline got rid of it in 1984.

airline logos of the world

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