(Have not ever passed 130lbs before) The fat shake is something else I got from The 4 Hour Body. 56 grams of protein (I still contend that the unbalanced weight caused the injury.) 200lbs. Required fields are marked *. Any tips? I must admit, this was fun. ), I also tried to eat larger portion sizes in general, and found that after just a few days this became comfortable. So I enjoyed the post. Create a custom 3000 calorie Vegan diet plan with 1 click. Your email address will not be published. The fact that I did nothing for 3 weeks was sort of an exceptional case. Did you read the post? Are there no plant sources of D3, or just none that are common in supplements? Twice in my life, once in college and once shortly after, I’ve gone from 140 to 160 pounds very quickly, drastically increasing my strength and staying fairly lean at the same time. Hi Matt, I am just curious about how you kept on gaining weight afterwards. Thanks for all the tips, I shall try them out! Copyright 2018 – all rights reserved. I agree. F’ing 140. Stuff your face with high quality foods and train like a vegan warbeast, it’s that simple. My main concern is that I’m athletic, 6’2″ 200lbs or so, worked hard to get this size, and would like to keep it that way or make gains. I’m trying to turn vegan and also one of my main problems is to keep and increase my weight, definitely need to try your weight gain home made supplement, sounds good! Thanks for continuing to subject yourself to experiments for our collective benefit! People gain muscle as vegans by eating upwards of 4000 to 6000 calories a day, a calorie is a calorie. Regards, (Read: do you know of one that keeps a blog too?) you should be eating quality calories in the amount you need to sustain your daily routine. Working out with compound movements, eating a calorie surplus and sleeping for 8-10 hours would be the the basics of gaining weight. I’m at about 142 now, 7 pounds less than my peak 4 weeks ago when I got injured. Blend! If you want to see my before and after pics, just go to my website. I already generally do stick to non-processed foods, fruits and veggies, but I still have a lot of meat in my diet. I strongly do not suggest using protien powder. But going back to your question, here’s what I found:Straight:You’re stick straight with very few curves. They reply was in response to someone who wanted tips on weight loss instead of buidling muscle mass. I think it’s something like 1,200 calories depending on how you do it. avocados should be your best friend. I would like to bulk up, just on natural diet (without suppliments or steroids, I’m not sure about soy milk and peanut butter). Don’t mess around, don’t fool yourself. I am vegan and have struggled to put on muscles as there aren’t many vegan sources except legumes and soya. So basically, I’ll think about it. As soon as I went back to serious running (and eating mostly whole foods), the pounds gradually fell off. I did start to gain some fat towards the end: my overall body fat increased by 1-2% throughout the process (that’s as accurate as I can get with my cheap body fat scale), so I probably would have stopped within a few more weeks anyway had I not gotten injured. Second, I believe maltodextrin is the main sugar in serious post-workout carb drinks. But I’m glad that you enjoy them! So I’m incorporating your fat shake and some carbs like sweet potatoes (I eat meat, but I can’t tolerate dairy/whey and don’t want to throw even MORE animal protein into the mix.) You’re body doesn’t need fake energy, it needs fuel. At least, that’s how it is in my case. Avocados, for instance, are considered a calorie dense food. You might think that fatty food might be a good option, but you really want to limit your intake of saturated fats. Im sure you look amazing even skinny. Nor would the attempt to gain weight probably do any good for your running. 11 years ago when I was first DXed as pre diabetic I saw a Nutritionist and went from a healthy looking 124 lbs at 5’4 to a skinny 108 and from a size 6/8 to a 0/2. Just like with running, you’ll burn some glycogen and some fat, and I imagine some muscle too at some point. I do understand the fear of burning all your calories off on your run…. Lifting, which is important. At one point, it seems like you suggest one should drink apple juice immediately after the workout followed by the vegan fat shake 30 to 60 minutes later, but at another point you appear to say that apple juice alone is insufficient immediately after a workout. Hi Matt, In looking at my diet, it was pretty clear that it was lower in both protein and fat than what had worked for me in the past. Amy, what book? This will be very helpful in getting back on track! No wonder you hate the fat shake idea! It’s become a bit frustrating to keep hearing I’ve lost weight. Not exactly a strike-fear-in-the-hearts-of-enemies number, I know, but it’s a lot more than 132, and a total weight increase of almost 13%. Thanks for the shake recipe! Thanks. Also, you should be smart with your snacks. Protien ,healthy fats,hard work and PATIENCE will get you to your goals.if anyone needs help or motivation hit me up on twitter @bigtymer32 let’s get fit,healthy and show what veg power is all about. That is a huge difference for the same amount of food. I am even using a protein powder that is only one scoop for 22g of protein. Love the blog…very inspirational as a new runner/old veg Since you’ve gone vegan just wanted to point out that vitamin D3 comes from an animal source, lanolin from sheep’s wool, sometimes cod liver oil. -Measure things out. Your email address will not be published. Any suggestions on how to best maintain the muscle even after you return to your normal eating habits? The key in the end is enough fat and protein calories and if not always eating mega high carb from GRAINS you wont get too bloated. Nice work. don’t bother with most supplements just ingest raw fruit and veg (for quick digestion instant goodness) smoothies of all different combinations(organic!). Some great plant proteins (complete) are HealthForce Warrior Food and Garden of Life Beyond Organic. If you’re going to do a lot of training, eating more is the only solution. Protein is important because it makes you feel full. I’m just switching to Vegan. Not likely. I’ll see where my diet and exercise takes me, as it’s still in the early stages, still trying to figure things about as I go. There is no way a pro soccer player can afford to cut down cardio, but Cristiano was able to build very solid muscle and bulk up even with rediculous amounts of b/c he was dedicated beyond all else to making gains whatever the cost and had the support he needed to not get stuck like you mentioned happened to you in your article. Speaking from experience (I’m by no means a professional at this stuff), the only way I’ve been able to reduce my body fat is through cardio and clean eating. The ingredients don’t seem to add up to that to me but I’m also not too fond of counting calories. Chili made with beans and lean meat, such as ground chicken or ground turkey is also a calorie dense option for dinner or lunch.

4000 calorie vegan diet

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