Chances are, somebody will see it here, and make you an offer. Our … Here's the specs for an American Series Telecaster. The American Standard Stratocaster changed relatively little during its existence, as Fender’s philosophy was obviously not to mess around too much with a good thing. From the garage to the club to the stadium, the American Standard Telecaster is the same great best-selling go-to guitar it always has been, and now it´s upgraded with a comfortable new body contour and classic-sounding Fender Custom Shop Twisted Tele (neck) and Broadcaster (bridge) pickups. Are you planning to sell it? American Standard guitar pdf manual download. A Sunburst American Telecaster from 2001/2002, made in Corona California, in the condition you describe, is worth $450 (good) to $525 (very good condition). The American Series IMO was better than the American Standards out today. Highway One Stratocaster - Highway One First … With its big maple neck, the 1952 Telecaster was a landmark guitar in Fender history, and nowhere is today´s re-dedication to detail more evident than on the American Vintage ´52 Telecaster, which returns to the fold with body, neck and pickups refined with the best features (tones, curves, perimeters, radii and more) from a handful of extraordinary ´52 Tele specimens we examined. Also for: American standard precision bass v, American standard guitars. Introduced at Summer NAMM of 2000, Fender's newly-minted American Series Telecasters saw numerous minor changes to the American Standard Tele's platform. Posts: 2. Specifications of a 2001 Tele Special Edition Discussion in 'Telecaster Discussion Forum' started by gosternd, Feb 19, 2015. 7 years ago. I like the pickups better,the saddles and the lack of a body contour. By the time it came upon year 2000, American Standard Stratocasters were being produced in Fender’s newest Corona, California plant, with more attention to quality and detail being made than ever before. John Mack. Roadhouse Strat - Hot Rodded American Standard Series (7/1997-5/2000) ... '68 Reverse Stratocaster Special - American Special Series (2001-2002) American Vintage ‘62 Stratocaster with Thin Skin Lacquer Finish - FSR, American Vintage Series (12/2001) Custom Shop Limited Edition: Limited Edition Alex Gregory Elite 7-String Stratocaster (2001-2003) 2002. American Standard Telecaster guitar pdf manual download. Thanks a lot I am in fact looking to buy but think the price is too high. View and Download Fender American Standard Telecaster specifications online. Fender American Standard Telecaster: Specifications. The Telecaster, by nature, was - and remains - the Fender workhorse, and in comparison to the American Standard Strat, it seems almost primitive. Features. The original run of Fender's American Standard Telecaster took the underlying structure and soul of the classic vintage Telecasters and simply added a few modern refinements, bringing an iconic instrument back into the forefront of all types of music with polished American craftsmanship. reply #5. Feb 19, 2015 #1. gosternd NEW MEMBER! I owned 2 both long since sold so I have them this for when people ask about them. If so, post a few pictures of it. My grateful thanks for … Specs; Sound; Price; Model MIM Telecaster MIA Telecaster; Rating: 90 ($500-$700) 92 (over $1000) Reviews: Ultimate Guitar Harmony Central Zzounds Musicians Friend Amazon: Ultimate Guitar Harmony Central Zzounds Musicians Friend Amazon: Model MIM Telecaster MIA Telecaster; Website: Weight: 3.7 kg/ 8lbs 3oz: 3.5 kg / 7lbs 13oz: Tuners: Fender Standard … The rosewood 'board offers a less slinky feel and although the dimensions are virtually identical (43.7mm at the nut, 21.8mm deep at the first fret, 22mm at the 12th), it does feel just slightly bigger in the hand. Don't get me wrong I don't think there is anything bad about the new American Standards they just don't have what I … View and Download Fender American Standard user manual online. Fender American Standard: User Guide.

2001 american standard telecaster specs

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